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Juno and my down comforter

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Juno doesn't like my down comforter and refuses to sleep or even walk on it. Last winter it was the same thing, so yesterday I put it on the bed and she slept in the other room. I hated to see her do that since night is the only time she really comes close to me. She is not a lap cat. She tolerates occasional petting but only when she wants it. So anyway this morning I gave in and put a smooth quilt on the bed. It was awfully hot last night with the down anyway so maybe I was too soon in changing. The comforter has squares with the down in the middle, but the material crinkles. I think she doesn't like the sound. Has anyone else had this experience with fabric? I guess I'm spoiling her but she is such a good cat and if sleeping with me gives her pleasure I'll survive with other covers.
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I have seen other posts here about cats and down comforters. The other posts have been about cats peeing on down comforters so I think this is a little better reaction. Maybe it's something about feathers and birds being natural prey for cats.
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Now I've heard some cats will pee on down comforters or feather comforters - so be glad she only avoids getting on them

Maybe you can put a softer blanket at the bottom of the bed for her to curl up on.
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I think you're on to something with the crinkles. And I second the suggestion for a blankie at the foot of the bed.
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