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This Is Cheeto

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Hi, This is a picture of my newly adopted 3 month old baby Cheeto!
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AW! He's beautiful!

I'm going to move this to the Lounge so everyone can "ooh" and "ahh" over this precious baby.
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Ahhhhhhhhhh & Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh

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He is absolutely adorable and I really like the name you picked for him!
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Adorable! Cheeto is soooo cute!
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Oooohhhh. Aaaahhh. That must be what Opie looked like, as a kitten. (He was 3 y/o, when we got him).
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very precious! I love his coloring
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What a cutie! Cute name, too.
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I love his colors!How did you pick his name?
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Actually, we went on a cat name site and picked out 5 names we liked and then we had everyone vote. The 2 final names were Cheeto and Norton. CHeeto won by a nose! We thought he was orange and white and Cheeto would be appropriate, but his color is actually like a beige and white.

Thanks everyone.
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Oh my! He is adorable!!

What a cute name too. Congrats on your new addition!
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He is an absolute doll! Let me add to the oohs and aahs!
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Ditto! He's so cute!!!!
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awww! he's so cute it makes me want another kitten!!
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Silas is adorable!
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Thank you! Silas says " i know, i'm cute! Give me food"
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Very cute, but now I have the crazing for Cheetos!
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OMG!!! That looks just like a little Ed -- right down to the smug look on his face.

**heading off to the vending machine for Cheetos**
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Awe, how beautiful!
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