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Help Please - kitten acting different

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Okay this morning as usual i got up and headed to the computer room. And mozart dashes out the door. I've been trying to discourage his door dashing so i grab him by his scruff. at which point he goes wild trying to bunny kick me. And i guess (memory a lil hazy) while trying to avoid his bunny kicks, i sort of shake him around, and finally after getting scratched a couple of times i drop him. As he falls his neck/head sort of hit the edge of my computer. T__T. I feel terrible for what happened and since then, he has been acting completely differently His energy level just disappeared, he hasn't made very many noises and even his purring his erratic. I'm so worried that I have inadvertently traumatized him and i desperately need help. Is he just shocked from the experience or is there something i should worry about.

Right now its been about 3 hours since the incident. At first he wouldn't eat but he has started to and he started to play a little again but nothing like he normally does. Also he seems to sleep a lot more.

Any help would be a godsend. Thank you.
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Hi there

If he hit his head he could have a head injury so you need to get him to a vet and checked over.
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RUN, don't walk, to a vet. He could have a head/brain injury. Please keep us updated and my prayers for his wellbeing go out to him!
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for you and your kitty! I really hope the little one is alright. Take care.
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Emergency vet time.... Any time a knock to the head in anything, feline, canine, human, whatever, causes any kind of personality change it's time for medical attention. You know your pet better than anyone and if it has you concerned enough to post here, I would definitely be getting to the vet.
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i didn't get a chance to take mozart to the vet but so far he is doing great. He reverted back to his old self after a nap so maybe it was just the shock that made him act differently. Anyways i will schedule an appointment with the vet to make sure that everything is alright. Thanks for the vibes and advice ^__^. I really appreciate them
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In future, don't wait at all when it comes to head injuries as time is crucial when it comes to certain problems - e.g. a hard knock can not only cause a concussion (not necessarily urgent), but can cause bleeding inside which builds up and is very dangerous. Keep watching him and wake him occasionally to see if he's still active and his eyes look normal.
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okay when i take him in to be checked what tests/inspections should i ask the doctor for, and what test do u think would be unnecessary. I'm asking because at the moment i am a bit short on cash because i just had mozart neutered and my other cat had her annual check up and microchip. So... i kinda want your advice on what is needed test wise.
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You shouldn't try to second guess the vet with this one. Just tell him you're broke, but want to make sure your cat's ok. He will do a physical check for neurological signs (of trouble) and that may be all that's needed. If your cat's basically ok, and he sounds like he might be, I doubt the vet will want to go for scans or anything serious anyway, but if he were to see something worrisome, he'll be the one to know what test would be best.
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Don't use physical methods on the cat.

A) They don't work.

B) They make the cat afraid of you.

C) It's cruel.

It is far better to persuade, ask, or even trick the cat into cooperating. Trying to use physical discipline only teaches the cat that you are prone to inexplicably attacking them.

Not the basis for a good relationship.

Here's a helpful link.
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