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Paws and tufts of fur

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Our cat is quite old, very lazy and very rarely wants to go outside. If he does go out he will come back in after a few minutes. As a result, his paws have long tufts of fur coming from between his toes which I assume would normally get worn down by walking about outsite.

This fur is almost covering all of his pads. Will this be making him uncomfortable when he walks? Is this why he doesn't move from the sofa a lot lol?

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Is he a longhair or semi-longhair cat? If so, the extra fur on the toes is natural. It would not really be worn down outside. It doesn't hurt them or anything.
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I have a very active medium to longhaired cat that has lots of toe fur. It's so long it can be seen peeking out from under his toes when he walks. It doesn't make him uncomfortable (aside from helping him slide around, which I think he likes )

I don't trim it unless he gets something stuck in it (like damp litter )
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My Sophie and Cosmo both have toe fur! I think it is just adorable and I am always "playing with it"!
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