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I'm New Here!

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What a wonderful web page, I'm so glad I found it!
I have two cats, two kids and two dogs. I'm a widow for 8 years and we're a family. I'm 44, my kids are 21 and 16. I work full time as a medical equipment dealer. The dogs are siblings, Spike and Hershey and they're over 5 years old. They have adjusted well to the cats and Mister Sosa loves the dogs, but isn't crazy about Mac yet.
My cats are Mister Sosa, a little over two years old and a new baby, Mac. Mac was Maddie first, but alas, we found out she was a HE! Hmmmmm..... I thought for a she things didn't look quite right. Oh well...
I have had Mac for 2 weeks and he has been sick most of that time. He was barely 6 weeks old when I brought him home. He was limping, running a temp and sleeping most of the time. We saw the vet and found out she was a he and got him started on antibiotics. Two days later, saw the vet again, started a new antibiotic and 5 days later he's doing much better.
But! He now has a cold. We saw the vet again yesterday. His little nose is so stopped up, I've thought about some mild saline nasal spray but will check with the vet before I do anything like that.
I feed both my cats Science Diet. I use adult maintainance for Mister and growth for Mac. I have tempted him with Pro Plan rice/chicken kitten food moistened by water since his illness though. He likes both cat foods. Mister gets about 1/2 cup a day (I keep food out all the time) and Mac has dry left out all the time and gets less then a tablespoon of moist twice a day.
Any suggestions from you would be much appreciated. Again, this is an awesome page and I'm glad Google led me to it.
smiles from AR,
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we're glad you found us!
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Hello Sue, glad you found the site. Looks like you took in a kitty in need!! Poor baby is bound to get better soon. Yes, it's okay to use nose drops for them if they are congested. You want to get the Little noses in the pharmacy section though. My vet had me do that with a tough one of mine, worked like a charm!
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Welcome.....Welcome to a wonderful cat site...Hope you get lots of good advice..Knock on wood all my kitties have been very healthy, so far. My newest has only been in my family for three weeks..as of today..Zoe, was a Rescue moozer(siamese mix) from Kansas Siamese Rescue...
DebbieA and The Kids..Tai-Tai, Zoe,and Baby
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We love to welcome new members. . . . . . . . . . . . . .
The only thing better than getting a new kitty; is a New Member to The Cat Site!!!

Hope you will be as happy here as I am
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So glad you joined us! Sounds like you have a wonderful (and well balanced ) family!
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Welcome to you!!!!!!!! I am glad you decided to join us!!!
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Welcome Sue!
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Welcome to a home away from home ----through your computer
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