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was vomiting/put down

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A friend of mine said she had to put her cat down since it constantly vomited. 15 years old. It was very thin. Supposedly the doctor couldn't find anything wrong re thyroid etc. He suggested bringing her to a specialist? she didn't want to put her through tons of tests. Question is has anyone out there had the same problem. any idea on what it could have been that caused this. Could it have been pancreitis? Surprised Doctor could not put his finger on it.
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Vomitting is a pretty non-specific symptom, and it can happen with all kinds of things, including IBD, cancer, viruses, bacterial infections, etc. Sometimes more extensive testing is needed to determine the cause, though I can understand your friend's desire to not put her cat through that testing if she felt it wouldn't help in the long run. After my cats have passed due to uncertain reasons, I elected to have a necropsy done. That way, my vets and I could learn from the experience, and hopefully that knowledge will help future cats (my own or other people's).
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I have a cat that started with episodes of vomiting when he was 18 months old. He stayed at the vets twice on an IV because of dehydration. The episodes gradually got shorter and shorter and he no longer completely quits eating but they never really figured it out. This last episode only lasted one day. I took him to a feline specialist when he was still having long lasting bad episodes and she thought it might be pancreatitis but it is very difficult to diagnose in cats.
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My 10 yr old was vomiting every two hours a few Sundays ago. Then didn't eat from that Sunday till thursday. I took him in for fluids a couple days then hospitalized him on that Wednesday. I finally got him back the following friday and he appeared to be on the mend until yesterday when he started some vomiting again. Only twice but luckily I still had some meds from his last visit to the vet and that seems to have helped for now. I put him on Science Diet hoping that would solve the issue but apparently it hasn't. The vet seemed to think he either has pancreitis or IBD. He has yearly outbreaks where he usually has UT problem but this year it more to do with his stomach. I'll be calling the vet again today for some advice.
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Of course only a vet could really tell, but with a 15-year-old that was losing weight drastically and vomiting, some type of cancer seems likely.
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