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If I had any clue two years ago...

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...that I was going to own two Bengals, I would have bought a camera with a superfast shutter speed.

I've been trying to take pictures of Max with the furkids all morning, and I have a bunch of blurry pictures as a result.

Max is playing up a storm, has already chased Ginger off the top of HER condo (that's quite the coup, as she lets NO ONE up there when she's up there,) has already playfully gone after Ferris, is currently meowing his head off at my sleeping, hungover roomie to get up and play...what a morning!

It was a very quiet night, I slept through, no damage to anything in the house with the exception of a couple of things knocked over, no big deal. Max jumped up for some lovies with his motorboat going a mile a minute when he saw me come out of my room this morning, and he followed me from room to room, purring the entire time - he's WONDERFUL.

Max is a complete and total dollbaby, he is SOOOOOO affectionate, and is exactly as Nial described him: he just wants to be loved.

I'm trying to goof around with the camera to see if I can get it set up better for a faster shutter speed - no clue where the manual is - and I'll continue to snap some shots in the hopes that I can get a few good ones.

Penny is still upset, but she isn't being aggressive, just hissy, and that's ok. Ferris and Ginger are still growling at the boy, and Ginger is taking a swipe at him if he crosses any personal space lines, but other than that, you'd think Max has been here furever!

Yes, I am Master of the 24-hour intro/integration.

I can't wait until these guys have all settled down - Max is an adorable little Monkey. He's about Ginger's size - Ferris is a behemoth compared to the others. And Penny is an adorable peanut-sized girl, next to those three.

I love them all. I have FOUR kitties now!

And speaking of behemoths, Ferris is on my lap as I type this, making sure I know that I belong to him.
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How great, Betsy! I'm so glad everything is going smoothly

I am definately looking forward to pictures
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OK, I think I figured this out....it's going to take me a while to upload and post, but start keeping your eye on Fur Pics!
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pics pics pics!

Betsy, you are too cute with all your plethora of cats
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WOOHOO!!!!! Good job with the intros. Max sounds like the most wonderful kitty!!!!!
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You are the Master...no doubt
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It's official - Betsy has a clowder of cats!

And I'm so darn jealous of your successful 24 hour introductions. It's been over a year here and we still have some issues.
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