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Newbie on the boards

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I have been lurking for quite sometime researching being owned by kitties I have my rescue dog to thank for my all of my research that I have done for both him and my kitty. It is amazing that people don't think to research topics relating to their animals. I know I was one of those people. Then I rescued my dog and had to do tons of research because of medical issues and such. I learned so much and even get to help educate others by assisting in moderating another board. This led me to think "well if there is so much info and discussions about dogs there must be some about cats also" and I started my search and found this site

Jing (pronounced Ying) is my 18 year old rescue kitty. I rescued her off the streets when I was younger and still living with my parents. My parents did require that she get declawed and she had all four paws done. Now please don't flame me on this, I was eleven years old and had no say. All I knew was that I wanted her off the streets. I am currently researching this topic and what the procedure actually involves. So that I can be prepared in the event my SO and I adopt another kitty in the future ( we only rescue animals and do not purchase them ) It will not be any time soon as Jing prefers the company of doggies over cats :tounge2: We still want to be educated none the less.

So far the only thing that slows Jing down a bit is her CRF. She gets fluids every other day and takes them like a champ. She still plays a great deal and pounces on Rocks (her boxer brother) every chance she gets. She is always doing Kooky things to try to get him to play LOL LOL She is a very smart kitty and knows her name, she comes when I call her, she knows sit, treat, and bedtime Her favorite game is to play chase where she will chase me all over the house LOL LOL

Looking forward to meeting everyone
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Welcome to the site Andie! Good for you for rescuing all of your pets.

This place is FULL of information and education. If you don't see information on a topic you want to know about, just ask. There's always someone with experience or knowledge.

Although declawing is a hot topic on any cat board, one of the things we pride ourselves with is trying to educate without flaming people for their opinions. Even on non-cat related hot topics, we keep things flame-free. Here's one of our recent discussions on the topic. Declawing....some thoughts It can get pretty heated, but there's a lot of good information and some links in the thread that may help you. I'll tell you what, anyone who loves animals will not get this done to their cat once they know what the procedure is, especially if they see the pictures and hear the horror stories.

Good to have you here, Andie! I look forward to getting to know you, Jing and Jing's favorite toy (your pup ) on the site.
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Andie and Jing...
Welcome to the boards! Hope to you around here often!!
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Hope you enjoy your time here Andie.

And as valanhb said, things may get heated (but flame free)!The discussions are meant to educate above all.

Take a look around and you'll get to know most of the members over at the Lounge. That's the main hangout.


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Hello and welcome!! Looking forward to getting to know you!
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Thanks everyone for the warm welcome Jing and I are looking forward to learning lots! :tounge2:
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i should have known you'd follow me here!!

- about time u joined - u told me about the site!

vasha :daisy:
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WHere in NC are you?
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Welcome, you will love it here.
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