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I know there aren't many gamers on the forum but this is a really catchy song from the game Portal. It is a 3D puzzle game. No shooting no killing just 3D puzzles. The basic story is this. You woke up in this lab (Aperture Science) where a computer (GLaDOS) instructs you to do stuff like a rat. The computer gives you a portal gun which allows you to shoot a hole in the wall and another hole in another wall/floor/ceiling. You can walk through one hole and comes out the other. You basically try to pass each stage with the portals because they place exits out of reach. Also the law of physics and gravity applies as well. Some are really challenging near the end. After you beat the game (blew up GLaDOS), this is what you get. Very funny and catchy. Check it out if you have 3 min to spare.

MP3 is here, in case you want it for a ring tone.
(better quality)

Game trailer: