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Kittens first Christmas!!!

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I have 2 kittens, Cali and Ripley, who will celebrate their first Christmas this year .

I am wondering if there is any information I need to know in order to keep the holidays safe for them. Is there any special info on what to do? What not to do? What they can/cant do? etc????

I also want to know how to make it fun for them. So far we have special Christmas Stockings, REALLY CUTE Christmas collars, special orniments with their pics in them etc. I want to know what kinds of presents to get them and what special things we can put in their stockings etc

Any ideas and suggestions will be greatly appreciated!!! Thank YOu
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I completely hear you - this will be my first Xmas with 2 kitties, and frankly I am worried about putting up a christmas tree or any of my typical decorations. I hope that some sage advice is brought on this subject
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Some members have posted threads in the past that offer some suggestions. Hopes this helps:

Holiday Safety Reminders

Cat Proofing your home for Christmas

Warning! Do not decorate or open any Christmas gifts
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Originally Posted by Iluvdevons View Post
frankly I am worried about putting up a christmas tree
Be Afraid..... Be VERY afraid!!!!!

Just Kidding... Just be prepared for some exploring
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Christmas tree!?

I will never have a Christmas tree as long as I have Trout
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It's Harry's first christmas also and I have experienced how destructive cats can be around christmas trees before... Although I am worse as one night I walked into the tree in the local nightclub and knocked the whole thing over!
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Do you have an artificial tree, or are you getting a real one? Either way, expect it to become your new "cat tree". If you have any special ornaments that are fragile, don't put them on the tree this year, for their own safety.

The last time we had a tree was 3 yrs ago, when Harley, Monster and Little one were kittens. I gave up after a few days, took everything important off and just let them have fun. We're going to try it again this year since they are all older, but I'm not holding my breath.

Definitely anchor the tree to the wall with wire to keep it from falling down, no icicles, and I do get a bottle of Boundary and spray the tree a few times a day. That helps a little, but they get used to the scent after a while and just ignore it.

As for making it fun for them??? With all the boxes and wrapping paper they will have a ball!! You will probably want to wrap your presents with your kitties in another room...they LOVE to help!

Oh, no live poinsettas in the house if your cats are chewers.

Have fun!!
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Originally Posted by Trouts mom View Post
Christmas tree!?

I will never have a Christmas tree as long as I have Trout
Why not? Trout face poking through the tree will make a lovely ornament
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Thanks for the advice and links to the articles. Last year we had a real 9 foot christmas tree full of lights and glass ornaments, christmas crocus and narcissus bulbs that were forced, a wire and crystal centerpiece, and a swath of hanging greenery (holly, eucalyptus, fir, etc). I will really need to think carefully about what I want to do this year
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I got both cats after Christmas, too, but when I got Loki the Christmas Tree was still up. Moron kept trying to eat it. It was fake, so it couldn't have tasted that good. The tree went down rather quicky after Loki took an interest in it.

This year I don't think I have enough room for a tree, but if I take the boys to my mom's for Christmas with me, then I might have to watch out for it. But I'm not real sure if she'll put one up.

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I have a 6 ft artificial tree, but since becomin a cat owner 4 years ago, I'm shrunk it down to a 4 footer. This will be Sophia's first Christmas, by the way, but for the past few years, I've learned not to put the garland on the lower branches, because they think it's fun to pull it off, no low hanging ornaments on the lower branches, either. Try to stay away from GLASS ornaments, too. I can only imagine what my little Sophia is going to get into for her first Christmas, but I'm glad that I work from home, so I'll be here just in case!!
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I've got one simple sentece for you:

Bolt the tree down!

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