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Kittens and Christmas Trees????

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I have two kittens who will have their first Christmas this year. One of my kittens, Cali, is always getting into things and on things that she isn't supposed to do. I am worried about her getting into the Christmas Tree etc.

I am wondering if anyone has any ideas or suggestions on how to keep her out of the tree?????
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I haven't had a tree for years, with a parrot and cats it can only spell disaster. My advice is to seriously consider whether you really need to have a tree at all!
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haha, fake tree. I have one of the fiber optic ones... that way I don't have to worry about kitty chewing on the wires and bulbs. it also has plastic stars built onto it so I don't have to worry about ornaments crashing down on their little heads.

now if I can just get them to stop chewing on the presents...
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Last Yaer was my first year with a cat. I had a fake tree, but Ziggy would climb in side and climb up the tree and then it would tip. My son was only one year old at the time too

I'll be trying new tactics this year with Links. Theres a basket at the bottom of our tree, so I'm going to fill it with heavy pebbles. Hopefully that will stop the tipping!!
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Well last year we got Charlie AFTER the tree was taken down. Ling learned really quick that Christmas trees have a habit of getting you wet when you get too close, so she was easy to keep away.

Charlie, on the other hand is hard-headed right now; he loves water; he's not easily intiminated. So we may have a small battle this year! We figure if we get one of the more "spiky" trees he will leave it alone after being poked in the nose a few times.

Most times we would bring in the tree and leave it undecorated a few days or a week; by that time the cats have checked it out, gotten fairly bored with it and generally leave it alone.

One important thing is to put the breakable stuff at the top - not the bottom of the tree
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I have given up on christmas trees. My cats love the ornaments... So i could only decorate the top half of the tree... If the decorations were too low.... They ended up destroyed or hidden under furniture. I just found an ornament last month under my dresser. And forget about putting presents under the tree... My cat cleo loves anything that crinkles, so the presents made great toys for her
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I gave up on a tree many years ago. Now I hang garlands over the double entry to the dining room and the door to the kitchen and decorate those. By leaving them undecorated for a few days after they are first hung the cats can sniff, explore and tug on them till they get bored. Then I hang the decorations. I,also, have several wreaths I hang in different rooms and put small decorations on those.
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Not me!! I thoroughly ENJOY seeing my girls having a ball with the Christmas tree! Seeing them laying under the tree, swatting at the ornaments, watching the lights, running thru the branches...I think it's awesome that they find it so much fun!
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I was surprised my cats are afraid of the blinking lights set to different flash patterns and never go near it!
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I always though it fun to watch them climb a tree and lay in the branches. It did lead to a tree or 2 falling down before we screwed eye bolts into the window frame and tied it up with really thin wire (nearly invisible). Don't use any breakable ornaments or hang them down low. The bottom branches are for cat toys not ornaments. I also wrap a present for Carmel and put some smelly cat treat in there so when she goes after presents she just ends up opening hers 3 or 4 times before christmas.
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Originally Posted by taterbug View Post
Not me!! I thoroughly ENJOY seeing my girls having a ball with the Christmas tree! Seeing them laying under the tree, swatting at the ornaments, watching the lights, running thru the branches...I think it's awesome that they find it so much fun!
I'm looking forward to it as well, this is my first year with these kittens and I can't wait.
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We will be getting shatterproof ornaments. I'm most worried about Reagan and Molly. Dozer's pretty much under control now and I think we can keep him away from the tree, but Reagan can be a whirlwind and she wants to know about *everything*. If Molly comes out of hiding by then (she'd better! LOL!), she's so young that I can see a problem there. Whisper's just a lot more mellow, even when frightened or upset.
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There is one thing you may want to watch for with their first Christmas tree....the lights! Your Reagan sounds like my Boo....feisty!! When Boo was younger and saw her first Christmas tree, she was in awe of the lights! If the lights were blinking and I left the room, she would climb the trunk and pull the bulbs out of the sockets on the strings of lights!

It only happened twice...the first time I thought the bulb had been loose,and fell out on its own, but then I peeped around the corner and saw her doing it the second time!! After a good scolding and saying aaaaaatt a few times, she stopped. It was dangerous...but awfully cute knowing she was smart enough to do that!
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