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On rare occasions, Rowdy ceases her perpetual motion and Opie condescends to snuggle, with her.
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Awww, that's so cute. I wish Socks would get along with other cats, but that's not the case because she thinks she's a dog. A big dog at that.

I can't get over how much Rowdy looks like Chloe, my outside stray cat. They look like twins!
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Opie is not the most sociable, of cats. He rather prefers to be left alone, to hang out and look out of windows.

He has his times, for sitting on Bill's lap and he parks on my stomach, to watch "Jeopardy!". Opie also snuggles, with me, all night long. With Bill cuddled up, on my right and Opie, on my left, I feel like a "Cindy Sandwich". At least, Opie doesn't snore.
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awe how sweet, thanks for sharing
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Tigger is the same as Opie. She would rather be alone and also snuggles with me at night. Roo wants to cuddle with her, but knows her boundaries and doesn't approach her, unless he's in a playful mood. They never snuggle, and I wish they did.
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I have a different problem with Ophelia. She MAKES Trent snuggle with her. She will push her little way right up next to him when he's sleeping for a snuggle. She's about half his size, but I've seen her move him over so she has a little space for snuggling.
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That is so cute. My cats only snuggled when they were kittens. Now they wrestle instead.
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