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darting off then howling

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Im watching my boyfriends cat at his house while hes away on business and i love his cat; However, He is starting to make me think something is wrong. Aside from the licking bags and jumping in a sink full of water when im going to do dishes he is acting rather odd. At night i have been noticing things about his cat that I have never seen before. His cat will walk in a room and stare at a wall with his body low to the ground and butt up. His eyes will get big and dart away to the spare room and howl loud at walls and do the same thing then run back to its original spot he started in. I have cats at home and I have never seen this behavior before. Is this typical in cats or is this one strange?
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Very normal, so relax. He's just checking out the Halloween ghosts :-)! Cats are nothing if not weird and that's just typical of some, especially as it's just passed being a full moon (that really sets mine off into spasms of cuckoo-ness).
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haha, yup, chasing spirits...
Mine do this kind of weirdo stuff all the time. It's normal.

Also, I used to have a cat when I was a kid that would always try to climb in the bath with me so while it's not "common" for cats to play in water, it's not altogether rare either...
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