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Kids and Cats

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How many of you out there have kids and cats? I have four children of my own plus my little brother and sister which makes 6 kids age 10 and under plus 7 cats and 3 dogs.
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My kids are grown but, we had cats, while they were growing up. Once they got old enough, I had them taking care of the food, water and litter box. In addition, my parents, always, have lots of dogs.
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I have one daughter and she's about to turn 3 years. She's always lived with some kind of animal. Here right now, we have 3 cats, a bird and a ferret, she likes to play with the cats quiet often, but most the time they are smart and run from her.

It's DOGS she wont leave alone... dogs dogs, I have to wait until my daughter is older, and for a very unaggressive, kid loving dog to come along before I bring another one in here!
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My goodness! How do you manage such a large household? I have one grown child (my boyfriend *snicker*) and three cats and that is enough to deal with!
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Kids = 0 (Unless you count Nick)
Cats = 1
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Kids 6 (only 3 still at home 16, 12, 4)
cats 10
rats 2
snake 1
fish 6
turtle 1
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You got a little zoo dragonlady!
I got one little boy and a big boy. And then theres 3 cats.
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Ive got 2 cats, 2 kids, and 4 daycare kids.

Oh yeah, and a husband to boot!
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