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Cat with food allergies?

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I took our inside cat to the vet because she was scraching herself horribly, mostly around the neck but also in other places. At times she was scratching herself open. I thought it might be fleas as we weren't able to buy Advantage due to money issues last month, but I wasn't sure as it is so much around her neck and I had heard that when it is around the head and neck it could be allergies to food etc... The vet gave us a diagnosis of fleas and gave her a steroid shot. She is also on antibiotics for 20 days and we have now put the Advantage on. It is six days later and she looks worse than before! Could it have been both fleas and allergies? I feel so bad for her!
I am going to call the vet on Monday, but is there some kind of food that anyone can recommend that I can buy tomorrow? She is currently eating Nutro & Nutro Max Classics, plus an occasional can of Friskies. She and all of the other cats have been fine with this food. She is the only one currently having a problem.

Thank you for any advice!
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She could... prior to this happening how long on the food??

She eats only wet food???
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She eats mostly dry food, which is Nutro Max Classics or Nutro. She eats an occasional can which is Friskies.

I am looking for another quality dry food which will help her if it is a food allergy.

Thank you!
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Dear JIL:

I'd want to rule out military dermatitis (flea-saliva allergy) first. Then, hopefully, the experts here at TCS can suggest some good foods for her. GOOD LUCK!!! and do keep us updated, won't you?
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Natural balence makes a duck and pea .... Natures variety makes salmon , lamb and chicken

Common cat food allergies







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could also be a reaction to the flea medicine, ie dermatitus. It's really very common, even in quality flea medications. Besides, it sounds like kitty was still itching when she got her advantage? if she had any open scratches or cuts they could be irritated.

I agree, rule out dermatitus and flea problems FIRST. Get those under control and then tackle a possible food allergy. kitty is stressed and shouldn't be put through too much at one time...
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