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kitten loves pain

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I really dont know whats wrong with my 6 month old kitten the first thing he does when he comes inside is attack my other cat thats bigger and stronger then he is.. My oter caT HAS huge nails also but my kitten just keeps on trying to wrestle him no matter what! Does he enjoy being beaten up?

Another thing is my kitten seems to be WORSE when im around! LIke if im around and he knows im looking he will attack one of my other cats, i noticed if im not looking he doesnt do anything

is this wierd or what?
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Its a little weird, but I'm concerned about your statement about the other cats nails. You should be keeping EVERYONE"s nails cut short. One of my RB kittens almost lost his eyesight as a kitten in wrestling with his brother. I start at 3-4 weeks old and check/clip every week.
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Is he getting hurt? If not, he's being a kitten. They routinely attack anything that moves across their radar, live, or not.

This is the equivalent of children showing off what they can do. Just don't let the play get too rowdy (as a kitten, he has no sense of boundaries, or, when he's focused on a task, no sense at all!
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aww hes just being a spunky little kitten trying to play. My cats used to mess with my husky when they were kittens. Your kitten is only doing it when you watch him because he wants you to be proud of him and give him attention like talk to him or laugh. Its normal but make sure the other cat isnt getting too annoyed where he would scratch the kitten with those long nails
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