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Monkey see Monkey do

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Well this is not cat related but I thought it was amusing.
My recently turned two daughter. pictured below in my sig. recently had a little diaper rash. So I put a little cream on her booty and sent her to play. Well while I was typing away at my school work, she decided to paly barbie dolls. And Barbie had a diaper rash I guess because when my daughter was too quite for my liking and I found her she had put cream all over barbies booty. She was very proud of her self. LOL it was a mess but she is a smart and caring girl. I am sure barbie will be water proof for some time.
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LOL that is sooo cute Denise!
Kids are so much fun!
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That's a girl for you...you can already see how loving she is going to be when she grows up. You are doing a great job with her.
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lol awww!!
I need to find a new place for all my baby rash stuff, Chantal keep managing to lock herself in her room, and when her dad's not home. I can't always seem to find something to open it with. There's nothing in there she can really hurt herself with, unless of course she finds and reaches the diaper ointment!! *sigh*

Luckily enough I got the door open before she became THAT bored. I think we need to turn her door nob around.
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gotta love em!
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