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My cat condo is here ! Double Siamese fun?

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In June I met a family's friend who breeds Siameses at home. Her and her boyfriend were expecting a litter around August 12th, with an adoption date of October 10th or so. I closely followed the progress of the kitten, got weekly updates, pictures, picked names... eagerly awaiting their arrival in my home.
They were two beautiful little girls, a seal and a blue point...

Around 2 weeks before this date, I was contacted. The mother had contracted pyometra and passed on the infection through her milk. It was caught too late... the whole litter was euthanized since they suffered too much, and the mother barely made it through after hospital stay. She was of course spayed to save her from future heat periods (which are long and numerous for Siameses). Fortunately, the breeder had two other females.

On September 18th Chablis gave birth to 5 kittens... and after two blood tests, 6 weeks later, they are confirmed healthy and happy ! I'll be getting a seal and blue female, this time, for real...

They'll be come in around 3 weeks....and I got my condo ready !

Don't you think they'll love it?
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Wow! They are two lucky cats!!! They would be crazy not to love it.
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really nice. It that custom made or was it bought?

just wondering as when I finally get a cat I am going to try and build a cat tree. I just got about 200' sq of brand new carpet for FREE. just need to get some lumber.
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Oh Im so happy you will be getting those 2 precious babies They are going to be spoiled.
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That is an awesome cat condo, they are going to love it!
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Awesome condo you've got there! It's so sad about the first litter though How disappointing that must have been both for you and for the breeder.

The two you're getting are cuties though!
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OH, they're going to have so much fun on that deluxe cat furniture! (And hopefully, you'll enjoy your nargileh outside?!)
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Now THAT is a kitty condo! My cats would love that!! You're new furbabies will have lots of fun with that to play in! Your new babies are sooo darling!
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Originally Posted by Tarasgirl06 View Post
(And hopefully, you'll enjoy your nargileh outside?!)
I just noticed that
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Those kittens are just precious, and the condo is perfect! I'm sure they'll have a ball on it.
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Originally Posted by Tarasgirl06 View Post
(And hopefully, you'll enjoy your nargileh outside?!)
Nice attention to detail. I thought it was a lamp.

Cute kitties, they're gonna love that cat tree!
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I thought I recognized your name. Seems like time has really flown by with new ones almost ready to come home! I love the condo. What a great thing for very active Siamese kittens.
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I'm glad you've been patient after what happened before (remember your first story). I'm jealous of that treehouse. You'll have 2 very spoiled little Siamese there.
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I read Nargileh and I was wondering what you were talking about. I bought it when I lived in Germany for three years. In Europe we call them Shishapfeiffer... I believe in America they're referred to as Hookahs... anyway Nargileh is related to its persian origin according to what I've read
I haven't lighted it up since I moved back to Canada in August. It's not illegal here though... is it illegal in America (hence the comment)?

It's not homemade (not by me anyway) I purchased it from the US and had it shipped to Canada by FedEx for approx. 300$ including taxes and brokerage... crazy ! But hey... I really wanted one ! I got it from Comfycatfurniture. They're very nice fellows (ran by a mother and her daughter) and all their condos are custom made by a German (irony) called Wolfgang. The material isn't carpet but very soft velvet, and enough sisal ropes so that the kitten won't scratch my furniture ! The thing is HUGE though... it's 92 inches tall (the last post at the top can be adjusted, its tight with the ceiling, which makes it super steady).

I haven't picked up names yet... I've had Artemis and Selene in my head for weeks. They're both related in Greek Mytology and have the moon in common...
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Awesome cat tree!!! Your kitties are beauties! I love the mythological names
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Holy bologna! That's a huge cat tree, of course they'll love it!
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You have two very lucky babies, I the names you're considering too.
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Those are some lucky babies! That thing is huge and wonderful for them!

I remember what happened to the first kittens you were going to get...that was tragic. I'm so glad that you decided on two more lucky little girls!
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You have got to post pictures of those little princesses on that thing when you get them. It's huge!!!
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