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Rosie, Sophie and Jack

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So it's more avid t.v. watching for Jack, starting with Star Wars

Time for a yawn and a stretch while the adverts are on

Then back to the goggle box

Hey, mum said you haven't to get too close to the t.v.!

All that t.v. watching makes Jack a tired little boy

My little muffin man the day after his neuter wanting to be close to his mum
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3 snuggle buns

2 Snuggle buns!

Where did that come from?!

My little Princess Sophie

She is a little lady really

My little chatterbox Rosie

That's all folks!!!
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what cuties, I think Jack needs his own T.V.
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Look at Rosie and Jack cuddling.

Jack isn't picky about what he watches, is he?
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What Great pics....I swear Jack is like a human and he's definitely male

Aww the girls
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Oh I love Jack and Sophie cuddling, too
The girls have such an angelic look in the bubble pic
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Great pictures, Jack is a real TV addict, but he is well in with the girls
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Oh, be still, my heart!!!

Your babies are absolutely beautifu! Jack is growing up to be such a gorgeous kitty! Sophie is such a little lady, and Rosie...
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He is so sweet! My RB Mables use to watch TV all the time.
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It is so interesting to me how much cats really like TV...
Cumulous will stop and take a look but not Coconut or Pumpkin..
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AWww they are all so cute! And that little Jack has quite the personality!
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Jack looked a little googly-eyed after his neuter....I bet he feels better now though.

Yup, you need to get him a tv for himself.
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I love the pics, Susan!!
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so cute! My cat has no interest in TV

I am jealous of your beautiful hardwood floors!
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I love all your cats sooo much!!! They all have such little personalities!! What cuties they all are!!!
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I love that picture of Jack all tired out after watching so much TV. One wonders how he could possibly comfortable in that position.
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