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Hi to all!!

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Just wanted to say hello to all of you cat lovers out there! I have two kitties, Morgan & Merlin. Both of them are black and just the best kitties ever! I also have two Boxer dogs (Yes, I have an interesting house)! I'm going to take a look around now, this looks like a great site!!

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Welcome to the site Sharon! I'm glad you found us here. There's a ton of information and lots of friendly people who hand out here. I love your kitties' names, very appropriate for black cats.

Feel free to jump in on any of our conversations, or post any questions you may have.
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You will get addicted to this site!
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Welcome Sharon!

There is a huge amount of info on this site and many friendly people! Most of our more personal life discussions take place over at the Cat Lounge.

It you need to research a topic, you can use the search button at the top of your screen and go through the older posts.

Enjoy your time!

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Hi Sharon - a huge welcome to you.

It is great fun here - full of lovely cat-mad people. Hope to hear nore about Merlin and Morgan in due course.

Have a look around, I hope you like what you see!!!!
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Sharon -

Hello and welcome! Looking forward to getting to know you and your cats (and dogs)!

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HI Sharon I am a newbie as well! I just joined today to help learn more about my kitty. I also have a boxer and volunteer for several boxer rescue groups Jing keeps Rocks on his toes LOL
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