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Beauty is home!

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I picked up Beauty from the Vets office today. She's not 100%, but she's doing a lot better and her personality is back. She was very vocal in the vet room and on the way home.

part of her front paw is shaved from the IV so she sort of looks like a poodle from a certain angle.

she's breathing a lot better and is heavier than when we dropped her off...thank God!

She wandered around, got her butt sniffed by Whitey and has been napping on and off for the last couple of hours.

I still have to give her meds for the next week and make another appointment for a follow up. She basically gets an antibiotic, a suppliment to replace the good bacteria in her stomach, eye med, and another med in addition to her thyroid med and Cosequin. The vet tech showed me how they've been giving her pills, so I feel much comfortable giving her some now.
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I'm so glad that she's back home!!!
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I'm glad she's home now. to her continued improvement.
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Glad she is home I hope she feels better soon
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Im glad shes home ......... feel better quick Beauty
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Thats great new! I'm so glad she's home, and you will take such good care of her. I bet she's glad to be home too!
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That's wonderful news. Get well for Beauty.
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That's great news! Feel better soon Beauty!
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She just got all her medicine for tonight. She hasn't eaten yet, but she's more the night eater, rather than day, so I'm not going to worry until tomorrow.

I may go out and get the gravy and chunks stuff too. I know its not the best stuff for her, but that was the only stuff she ate at the vets.
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