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New family member!

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No no, it's not another cat!

But another dog! I've limited myself to five cats, but who says anything about the dogs?

I figure the cats have lots of playmates, why not get Maggie one?

I knew I wanted an older dog, one who was trained, mellow and settled down. I love puppies, but I didn't want the trouble of one. But I also didn't want one that was too old who wouldn't want to play with Maggie, go for walks, etc.

So I found the perfect pup!

Her name is Madison, but I'm changing it to Daezi. She's a beautiful chocolate Labrador, who's 5 years old, the perfect age.

I just brought her home this morning and I haven't introduced her to Maggie or the cats yet, I think I'll wait til tomorrow.

Maggie knows she's there, she's pawing and sniffing at the door, tail wagging, so that's a good sign!

I'm told she is extremely friendly, which seems to be the case! She greets me with a wagging tail and smiling face! I dont see a problem with her and the cats, but fingers crossed!

She was surrendured with another Labrador by a family who was moving and having a baby. Poor thing. I just dont understand some people.

But she seems to be adjusting well in the couple hours I've had her.

I will post of pictures of the sweetie in the photo forum if you want to check them out!
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Oh no! I just realized I posted THIS in the photo forum. Is it possible that someone could move it to the cat lounge for me? I'm terribly sorry!
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Congrats!! Can't wait to check out the pictures! I just love chocolate labs. We have one, Snickers...she is a little over a year old and is the sweetest thing. She thinks she's a lap dog and will smother us with lovings if we let her. They have great temperments, and get along with pretty much anyone.
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Congratulations on the new family member!
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Congratulations on your new doggie!!!
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Well, congratulations on your new dog!

I am an avid dog lover, my life has always been centered around dogs... I trained for several years, and worked as an assistant handler for a bit as well. I must love dogs, we have four large dogs, and I'd have more if my husband (and the city!) allowed! LOL

Labrador's are wonderful dogs, huge clowns. She'll keep you on your toes, and a smile on your face, this I promise you! We have a yellow Labrador, Hurley, who is 8 months old... In the last two weeks, he has managed to lock me out of my house (I had to break into my own home) and our neighbors called the cops on us when he was racing up and down the stairs with our Pitbull! LOL They heard the racket and thought my husband was tossing me around! Never a dull moment when you own a Lab!

Enjoy her.

- Annie
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YAY!!!!!!!! I just got a new dog too! I hope she works out great for you! Labs are probably one of the best breeds you could get!
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Thanks guys!

She is such a sweetheart, a real gentle giant! I introduced her to Maggie, who was a bit frightful of her at first. Daezi greeted her with a wagging tail and a sloppy tongue, though. Maggie is a bit scared of her, but she is very interested in her! So hopefully they should get along great.

I'm still keeping her in the laundry room, with just brief intros through out the day.

I took her for a nice walk today, she's so gentle on the leash! I'm sure we'll have lots of happy times together.
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Awww congrats on the new furbutt! Daezi sounds very sweet...have you put any pics up yet!?
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Congrats on your new furbaby!!! Pictures please!!!
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Originally Posted by Trouts mom View Post
Awww congrats on the new furbutt! Daezi sounds very sweet...have you put any pics up yet!?
Yes I did. They're in the "other animals" section.
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