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why do they do this?

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ok. here goes. i have two cats. they both love to play and lay on plastic grocey bags. they don't climb into them,just lay on top. the next thing the younger cat does is "neads bread"on my wife when we go to bed at night. if you try to stop her,or if my wife moves when she is doing this , my wife gets bit by her. my wife enjoys the "massage",but not getting bit when the cat gets disrupted. any ideas about this?
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I think all cats love the "crinkle" sound that grocery bags make. I have not had a cat that did not like to lay on plastic grocery bags.
As for the "kneading", cats do this as a comfort thing as well as to exercise their paws. The kneading action is what they did as kittens to stimulate the mother's milk while nursing. I do not know what to suggest about getting bit when the cat gets interrupted. I am sure someone will come along with a suggestion for you.
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I've found that my cats have been more attracted to kneading blankets rather than humans, if there is a blanket available. While I can't solve the biting problem for you, if you can transfer the cat to another comforting surface, your wife may no longer have to be at risk.
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Kneading is very pleasurable, and they are showing affection. However, like grooming and petting, this "charges" the cat, and they are hyperalert, wound up, and often thinking on an elemental level.

When your wife moves, this triggers a reaction. They don't mean to hurt anyone. If your wife needs to move while the kneading is going on, she should slowly disengage from the cat, talking to them and shifting her weight to signal the situation has changed.

And it's perfectly all right to say "ow!" when the cat bites. They don't always know they are hurting us. Making a big fuss over the area and even whimpering noises are how I've trained cats that they are hurting me, and when they get it, they always stop.
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It is true when the cats kneed they refer to their younger years when suckling from the mother. If you try to move the cat it might be trying to protect its "mother". or when she tries to move the cat it might be biting to say im not done yet. My cats do this when they are content and relaxed.
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