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HHP class?

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I've seen mention here of showing moggies in the Household Pet class at cat shows. How does one determine if a cat is a good candidate for being shown in HHP?
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The cat should enjoy being handled and have fun at the shows.
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First requirement for ALL HHP's is if they are over 8 months of age, they HAVE to be neutered/spayed. CFA shows ban any declawed cats (pedigree or mixed). ACFA and TICA allow them but don't promote it.

A good HHP will be friendly to strangers, like being handled by strangers, like to play with little toys (feathers, balls, etc that the judge may use).

They should be at proper weight for their size, well groomed (especially LH's) and clean, bright, shiny and a good personality. Ears clean, nails clipped and given a bath before the show.

The best way to find out is enter your cat in a local show and see how they handle things. By the 3rd or 4th ring, you will know if your cat is happy to be there or would rather stay home.

Ling went to one show - by the 3rd ring it was obvious she didn't like the other cats and was unhappy, so her show career was very short lived

I see you are in MN - there is an upcoming CFA show end of January. If you are interested in showing and entering, pm me - I'll give you the details and who to contact. Its a 6 ring show (I think) - 2 days - Saturday and Sunday. Its about $45-50 to enter one cat.

We will be showing Charlie there (altered class) so if you want to enter and bench with us, let me know - will be glad to help you out and give you pointers
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For the first time in my history with CFA I will be showing a HHP cat as well as my Abys at the end of November. Why? He's a blue ticked tabby (god knows where he got the color from ), very active, sharp as a whip, and is a doll with strangers. We've gone through the judging motions and he's now getting used to staying in the show tent (I don't use show cages anymore). I've written this before about what CFA judges, in my experience, look for:

1. Obvious signs of health and vitality
2. Good grooming
3. Great Purrsonality and finally

4. The X factor or as some judges call it, the "Purr" factor Some judges give a great many points to cats that "suck up" to the judges, purring, cuddling, etc.

Another factor that may help is also a uniquely colored cat - if you use the search function (maybe one of the mods can help you), one of TCS' most famous HHP show cat is one that is called Tobie - he had all of us so called color experts dumbfounded for many months - plus all the factors stated above, made for a very winning HHP show cat!
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I and a friend of mine showed a black/white girl........with bright odd-eyes - one deep blue, one deep green. Needless to say from the first ring, she got the judge's attention fast and in her very first show (8 months old) got 3 out of 4 rings as Best HHP
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