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My snuggle pusses!

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My girls are so pleased to have me home apparently

Last night when I was getting ready for bed, Lily (my shy girl) kept coming up to me demanding attention and snuggling.

Then when I went to bed, I had Smudge on my chest rubbing her face against mine, Lily curled up between my knees purring her heart out and Stumpy curled up next to my legs. I woke up a few times throughout the night and still had all 3 girls curled up with me - I rarely have all 3 cuddling me, so that was really nice!

Every time I woke up, Lily would have to come up to my head mewing at me for some snuggles before curling up and going back to sleep.

I feel so loved by my girls
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Awww! That sounds so sweet!
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Awww...how sweet. I love when my kitties get cuddly with me. It just makes your day.
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I bet they are so glad to have you home...That is so sweet Sarah
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Awwwwww, how cute is that!?
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Awww!!! I love it when just one snuggles...but all 3? That sounds like heaven!
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Sarah that would be absolutely heavenly!
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