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Need Advice

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My kitten butterfly from day 1 has been acting like all she has ever eaten in her life was human food. No matter where we sit she climbs on us and everything tring to get our food. We can put her on the floor over and over and over but she will always just get right back up. She gets under our feet when we are in the kitchen and no where else. Can anyone give me some advice on how to break her of this?
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Is there anything she really don't like?
My kittens disgust smell of (fresh) carrot and tooth paste.

Give her something she disgust every time she beg your food. Maybe she will be bored because you don't have anything tasty for her.
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haha thats a good one maija i mite try that as my cats just the same always under my feet in kitchen and i have to shoo him away when we are eating, i feed him loads with hes own food so whys he soo greedy LOL
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Originally Posted by LittleBit View Post
Can anyone give me some advice on how to break her of this?

in addition to offering her something that smalles really bad to a cat - like a lemon. try spraying canned air- not at her face- but her body- or get the water squirt bottle.

Abi rarely tries to get human food but last night she got on the dining room table while we were eating great smelling beef and i flicked her body with some water from my glass and she left.
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This is a simple case of dominant, pack leader behavior. Cats are very much like dogs as in they are pack oriented and look to or become pack leaders. You need to establish this position by relating to her in cat terms. Cats communicate vocally and physically, different sounds and body positions as well as movements suggest different commands. For instance hissing often gets their attention, clicking, whistling, snapping your fingers or clapping your hands. Any command needs to be communicated before the actual action, when it is first realized. As soon as she looks at your dish or if you walk into kitchen and she follows, walk out paying no mind to her. This way you are disassociating kitchen with food.
Maia loves food, she is a perfect little lady when it comes to me eating, but loves to beg for her food. I have to regulate her feeding to watch her weight, but she respects me and my plate, in return I always allow her to smell or lick the plate. Picking them up and putting them else where isn't asking for respect, it is gibing them attention for that behavior which only encourages it. You need to deter the action before hand, keep her at a distance through vocal or physical command prior to.
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We have snapped our fingers and clapped our hands before and she doesnt even react almost like shes deaf.
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I started putting Mary in the bedroom while I ate. She was doing this to guests and some people do not want a cat staring them down as they are trying to enjoy their meal.
I did it every time and she stopped for awhile. This was until my brother started rewarding her with tasty morsels so she has started back up. It is time to do the bedroom thing again.
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Try the squirt bottle, or a small can of rice if you're still going for "noise factor." I find that the small can of rice works miracles with Whisper, though not so much with Reagan. She's "top cat" in our household and rules everybody else. Thank goodness she's well behaved!
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i might try the bathroom thing as for the nasty tasting stuff for her we arent sure what that is
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my cats usually respect my plate... they'll even lie in my lap while I'm eating and not smell or try to get to my plate. USUALLY, there are always those moments where they smell something too good to pas up

While they're young though I always carry a water bottle around with me while I'm eating. I never spray in the face, and don't let them see it's me spraying.

they learn pretty quickly
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yea we would put them in the bedroom but then they would pick on our fish. At night is they arent tired they get on the edge and top of the tank thinking they can get them lol but they cant lol
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