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A Small Brag...

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Sorry, I can't help it..

We just got back from the vet..and he says that Trout has perfect teeth, a beautiful shiny coat, and no yucky things like fleas..her ears look really clean too She is a healthy little 8lb baby

Awwww, my widdle healthy makes me proud to me her momma all over again

Also, he said she is mellowing out....ummm, did he not notice this was the first time she actually hissed at him at her annual checkup?
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Awwwwwww...what a good girl Troutie was for the vet. And what a good meowmy she has, taking such good care of the little knee-biter.
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i hiss when they try to check my teeth also.

glad to hear Trout passed with flying colors
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Aww Trout you little beauty...Congrat's on your good check up
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Hooray!!!! You're such a good kitty mum!

How did she go putting her into the carrier?
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Originally Posted by sarahp View Post
Hooray!!!! You're such a good kitty mum!

How did she go putting her into the carrier?
It was not a pretty picture..I was trying to nicely put her in there..and she scratched right across my wrist with her back then I had to scruff her and cram her in But she is okay now..cuddling and forgiving..thank god!
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I don't blame you for bragging I'd be proud too!
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Aw, the healthy little sweetie.
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Aww she is such a beautiful kitty and she has a wonderful meowmy. I am glad her check up went so well.
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Awwww Trout is a little beauty queen!!! What a cutie pie!
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That's great news! Isn't it wonderful when your pets get a clean bill of health?
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I'm glad she had a good check up! That's great news!
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Congrats, Miss Trout!
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That's wonderful news!
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Woot! Congrats on a healthy check up for Trout! She's lucky to have you as her meowmy
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I'm so happy to hear Trout had a great check up! Just proves what a great Mommy you are!
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