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Cat Medical Questions

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Fred is five weeks old. When do I take him for his first vet appointment? Also he is going to be strictly a house cat and I want him declawed in the front. What age do I get that done and at what age do I have him fixed? I hate to do it but I was told that male cats will pee in the house if you dont fix them plus in case God forbid he ever got outside I dont want him getting his groove on and making little Freds. Also....Ive had him for three days and he only pooped once but pees regularly. Is this because I put him on different food when I got him? The other people had him on some cheap adult cat food and I wanted him on good kitten food so I switched him. He loves the food.Sorry to take up so much space but I dont know anything about kitties and want to take good care of him and do things right.
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Fredsmom, this actually belongs in the health forum, but I wanted to reply right away.
Please think again and DO NOT declaw Fred. It is such an awful thing to have done. I am going to provide a link for you to look at. I just ask that you do some research and read about what it involves and what it can cause before you make a decision like this. It not only involves cutting the knuckle off at the first joint, but it can alter behavior as well. If he did get outside it can hinder his ability to get up a tree as well and he could get very hurt.
As for the neuter. It is best to have that done between 4 and 6 months. Male cats can start spraying but neutering also helps with temperment and health.
Vet visits should start at 8 weeks. If you are concerend about him getting out then you would be looking at a schedule like this
8 weeks:distemper
12 weeks:distemper,feline leukemia and Rabies
16 weeks: distemper,feline leukemia
Fedding a kitten that young he should be getting a good quality dry kitten food along with a small portion of wet food. You can wean the wet food at about 8 to 9 weeks. We are all here to help, so please do not hesitate to ask questions. Also, please look into the declawing, it is so much better to train them with a cat tree and keep them as they should be.

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I didnt know there was a health forum. Thanks for letting me know I will probobly be posting there alot. I am definately going to reconsider the declawing and look into it more. I cant stand the thought of putting him through that plus if he did get out by accident it could save his life. With having kids a door could get left open by accident so it does make sense to keep him safe with the claws. He is on wet and dry food and is seeming to like the dry more. Someone said I can train him to use a scratching post by putting his little claws on it and showing him how to use it until he understands. Think that is going to be his next present LOL!
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My kids just love their cat tree..it has three levels and has carpet and sisal rope on it..I got at Petsmart(on their Internet site) That is want they use when they need to sharpen/scratch their claws...
DebbieA and the Kids...Tai-Tai, Zoe,and Baby
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Keep an eye on Fred's bowel movement production. I had a baby that died of blockage. I am glad you are reconsidering the declawing issue. If you buy a clipper and start clipping Fred's claws while he is still a kitten, he should get used to that fairly quickly. That way you can keep the sharpness of his claws in check.

Good luck with your new baby!
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