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Fish Tanks

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Here are a few pics of my fish tanks.



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what size tanks do you have? I also like your freshwater tank better as I am a freshwater fan. I currently have a 20 gal long with elodea and java moss with 3 creamcycle mollies.
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they are both 30 gallons. Yeai love the freshwater tank too also we just figured out our danios might have just layed there eggs cause it looks like there are 2 attached to both low grass areas.
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I'm never touching damsels again. Many are nasty little fish that cause all sorts of havoc in a tank and are darn near impossible to catch and remove without emptying out everything.

I just moved and had to tear down and set back up my tanks so not all photos are accurate yet but here is mine:

40g long native fish tank with bluntnose minnow school and green sunfish
Doubled the limestone rock since then.

90g freshwater community with the evening sunset bulbs on. Also runs (4) 65w sunlight bulbs during most of the day and (2) 40w actinic moonlight bulbs after the (2) 40w red sunset bulbs.

Old 55g community setup that was starting to look like an overgrown jungle. I don't have any pics on the new setup yet.

10g blue ram breeding tank the first day it was setup before tripling the plants and adding the rams. I can't find the more recent pictures on that

29g brackish with bumblebee gobies

Early pic of the 20g long saltwater nano.
It's had 3 filter upgrades and 2 new aquascapes since then and now houses a watchman goby.

Missing pics on my 29g tree frog tank that's in process and my 20g long for breeding Panaque maccus (clown pleco) and Pseudosphromenus dayi (small labyrinth fish species).

I now have an entire finished basement to devote to a fish room so I don't have to scatter them around the house.
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Nice tanks sham. Is that a cork board in the 90 gal tank?

I found out when I finish with my degree, my wifes grandmother has a 125 gal tank for us. Oh I can not wait till the day that I can have it and get it set up. Oh the wonders
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Yea and I don't suggest it unless you've got lots of patience. The cork has a very strong desire to float and took 2 gluing attempts plus the last right panel is held down by a large geode rock shoved against the back. Then the moss was too thick and the part against the cork kept dying so the rest would float loose and I had to staple it back on over and over again. It's finally growing, slowly. It also takes a heck of alot of moss to cover the back of a 90g.
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I love your tanks! I've always wanted a salt water, but I'm afraid I don't have the money and I have no idea how to take care of one.

I have a tank as well! For a short while I had a live bearing tank and bred guppies and platies. I switched to an "evil tank" as I like to call it. I have an Oscar and 4 south american chilids.

This is my Oscar, Guisepi. He's just about as long as my hand now.

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Sham i love your 90 gallon tank. When we move we are planning on getting the pet store down the street from us to move our tanks for us. They have this thing where they will come to our house drain our tank, bag our fish, move the tanks to the new location and set them back up the way they were for us. Its kind of pricey but we would rather them do it then us cause knowing us we would kill all the fish lol. But yea the freshwater tank is more mine then my bfs and the saltwater is more his then mine.
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You know oscars eventually reach over 1' in length and will require a 55g just to themselves? With other cichlids they will probably need a 90g + depending on the other fish species. Otherwise it will be stunted which means the outsides won't grow properly, cramp the insides, weaken it's health, and eventually cause it to die an early death. Usually of some illness that it wouldn't have gotten otherwise. They can live up to 18years but many people can't keep them over 5 because they don't provide enough space for them to grow. Goldfish are another fish in the same situation. The record lifespan for a goldfish is over 100years but people often have them die in a year or 2 because they don't keep them in proper sized tanks. There really needs to be more laws on fish abuse because with any other animal it truly would be considered abuse to keep them the way many people do and the general public remains unaware of the problem. Fish have got to be one of the most abused animals on earth. Fish stores even increase the problem by giving false info either out of ignorance or just to make a sale. Most fish forums have at least one 5-10page rant on the keeping of large fish like oscars and goldfish.

Problem with paying someone to move my tanks is that it can't be done in a day or even a week. The tanks are all very finely balanced planted setups and uprooting the plants completely destroys the biological filtration for awhile. The plants can take several months to start growing properly again. It took me 2 months to successfully move all my tanks out of the apartment and into my new house with no fish deaths. I'm still waiting on the 55g and saltwater tank to stabilize as well as they were before the move. Saltwater tanks take even longer than planted tanks to establish and will still be going through changes a year or 2 after setup.
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here is a pic of my 20 gal long with a new kittie. Still no where near where I want it but considering it has been up for about 3 weeks to a month it doing really well. It is also not the best picture due to the cat.

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if my cats had the room they would be in the same place lmao
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he had only been here about two hours before he found the fish. watched them for a good hour after that. Kept trying to figure out how to get at them. and the table the tank is on was specifically bought for the very reason of my kids could see the tank and have enough space on 3 sides for them to sit by it or have cats sit beside the tank. And I did not have a cat yet when I got the coffee table from goodwill for 7 bucks
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lol we have a stack of boxes next to our saltwater tank that is our cats playground and they sit on the boxes and paw like crazy at the tank lol or they will sit on the floor and try to jump from the floor to the tank to get them. But the stand that the tank is on is the same height as the tank so jumping doesnt work for them but its funny watching them try.
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I am a micro tanker ... partly by um thats what I started with and two Mom ( ie my roomate) hates fish and would not allow me to replace the tvs with tanks/.//

1 3.5 gallon and 1 9.5 gallon and one dry 10 gall ... 2 gal ... 3 one gallons ( betta )
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thats how my bf would be replace the tv's with tanks lmao
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I so want to build a tank out of an old console tv. I found a console TV at goodwill once but had no way to get it home and no space to have built it. Now that I have a house, if I can find a tv I will sure will try
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