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cat got out!!!!!

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Help, my cat got out of the house. This has happened before but I was able to just pick him up and bring him back in the house. However this time when I went to pick him up he ran down the stairs towards a wooded area. I followed him, and once he saw me coming he took off down a slope where I could not go. He loves to be outside so I know he didnt want to go back in the house. I normally try and take them on walks with the cat leash, but he just loves the outdoors. My dh saw him and went to get him and Higgins scratched him and took off running. I think that he got scared. It has now been 24 hours. I'm so worried there are alot of stray cats in the neighborhood and well as kids. And I don't know if some one the kids really like cats or not. What should I do. How do I get him to come back. I'm just really worried that he won't come back. I thought he would come back when he got hungry, but I still don't see him :-(.
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So sorry! I would be a wreck as well........Is there any toy or the sound of a can of treats, like pounce, maybe food in a container if you shake it........ a sound that usually gets him attentive and comes to? Definitely walk about calling his name but not in a panic, tense voice, as if you were going to feed him. Also check local shelters...........prayers with you!
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when my simba escapes as he often does, i shake my bells witch he plays with on a string and he comes home i hope you find him
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Check this site for ideas http://www.lost-pets.org/
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Hope he turns up soon, one of my cats often runs out of the door and as soon as I chase her she runs like it is a game, but thankfully she does not go for long,
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