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Good morning

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How is everyone. I am at my dad's doing laundry and Donald is out hunting today or maybe he is just setting up his deer stands or something like that I know he is supposed to go bow hunting. Sometime this week I get to bring my Tavia home and depending on how stuff go my Lilly I miss my babies so much. This morning when I got to dad's Tavia sat and meowed at me for a straight 10 minutes like she was fussing at her mom for being gone so much. But I have been checking on her daily. Dad said for me to simply leave Salem in the basement for now as he has become dad's shadow. He follows my dad everywhere and I guess dad has decided that he likes him. Right now Lilly is curled up next to me with her head on my knee I just love my babies. And I am loving being able to stay at home and cook and clean and being able to be happy for once. Donald was my first love I have known him since I was about 7 or 8 years old. we dated when I was 15 the first time. And then we went our seperate ways and then came back to one another.

Tavia is meowing at me right now I guess she thinks she should fuss at mommy. She will come love on me and then she walks off. Well now that I wrote a book I should go for now.
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good morning to you also
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Good morning; it's still morning here! We are taking the day off today; going to play some games and put a fire in the fireplace.
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Wow, wasn't Salem the cat your Dad wanted nothing to do with? I'm so glad to hear Salem won him over!!
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