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Tuesday DT

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I have just dropped off Kahu at the vet. I am a little nervous but the people there are so nice and understanding. Whew! They have their own cats there, I think they are strays - one they just rescued after it was hit by a car, a beautiful orange tabby, I noticed him walking funny and they explained he had a head injury after being hit by a car. But I felt better because I could see that they are very into taking good care of their animals, and not finding the easy way out for the animals.
Today, I will probably be anxious, waiting for that phone call. I miss him already! He is such a big delight in my life. I guess I will play a game to keep myself distracted from the worry.
Have a great day everyone.
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Work is going to be very busy today. The office I work in is down wind from a Budweiser brewery. They must be cleaning the vats this morning. It smells like fermented hops. Every time I walk outside I want to barf.
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More checking of translated files today. Nearly all back from the translators. Then the work of printing them out (almost 1000 pages) and collating them begins. I'll have to shut the cats out of my office room otherwise they'll all be dancing on the papers!

Wow - I know what I was like with my lot when they were at the vet, I was climbing the walls and making a real nuisance of myself. Kellye, at least you know Kahu is in very safe and loving hands!

Nenners - we have the Fosters brewery a little way from us - I have to close all the vents when driving past as the smell makes me gag too.
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Running errands, today: my car has to go through emissions testing and I need to go out to the reservation, for cigarettes. They're, almost $10.00/carton cheaper.

I am SO PO'd at Pearl. She chewed up two library books. Not only do I have to pay, for them, I haven't read them, yet. At least, they were paperbacks and won't be TOO expensive. We're considering a crate or a muzzle, at night.

Did my taxes, yesterday - OUCH! Because of the alimony, I'm getting bitten, pretty badly. If I pay the Feds, in March and the state, in April, I'll be OK, though. Being single, with no dependents, bites!
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Have the day off school today because I'm finished all my exams. Dad is going to take me out driving in the city. I'm scared. I hate learning how to drive! I'm so bad... I went out driving last night, just for practice, and I was concentrating so much on the road and the truck passing me that I missed the exit to my town, which is sad because I've lived here for 15 years...lol.
Bought some new lace curtains for my room and I'm going to put them up this afternoon. I wonder how long they will look nice with the Sock-monster on the loose . She's declawed (unfortunetly ) but she still knows how to ruin things.
Might go to the nursing home this evening to visit my "adoptive grandma". Depends on the weather.
Other than that, I have the whole guestroom to clean because we've totally abandoned it and everyone's been using it as a catch all for junk they didn't want in their bedrooms anymore. I really don't want to go through it all, but I've come to the conclusion that no one else is going to do it.
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Originally posted by Nenners
Work is going to be very busy today. The office I work in is down wind from a Budweiser brewery. They must be cleaning the vats this morning. It smells like fermented hops. Every time I walk outside I want to barf.
Ohhhh...I know that smell! I worked at a Brewery in the office which was located under the labratory!

I always had to smell that........now I never go near beer!


Kiwi, everything will be fine. I'm assuming you get to bring Kahu home today? I hated when Nakita had to stay overnight...I missed her so much!!

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SouthBend, Indiana is pretty bad too. It's the same smell because they have an Ethanol plant near by. For those of you not familiar with the smell... you know what a fresh, wet, hair ball smells like? It's like that but 10 times as worse!
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Kahu is now home and acting like nothing happened. He is such a sweetie and it looks as if he has already forgiven me. WHen I picked him up to give him a kiss, he purred like a HEMI motor. Uh oh, he is playing with his favourite mouse, he isnt acting drowsy at all.
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