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My new cat squeaks instead of meows!

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My new male kitten, 4-5 months old, seems to like to vocalize. But, when he does, all that comes out is a little squeak! I can barely hear it.

When I was bringing him home, he sure was making noise and yowling in the carrier, so he has a voice there somewhere! Will he grow out of it and find his voice or is he just a squeaker? I should have named him Mouse instead of Miles!
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I wouldn't worry about it. We have 4 cats and they all have different types of meows/squeaks! Our biggest fur baby Simba who is a big orange and white boy has a tiny wimpish squeek and he sooo looks like a roaring lion! So you never can tell!

Also your little one may develop more into a meow as he gets older, as all kittens are higher pitched!
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My RB cat Molly used to "ack" instead of meow. Abby rarely makes a sound, but when she does it is a squeak or mew. She only finds her big cat meow first thing in the morning when we are sleeping and she is hungry.
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Our cats all have different meows.
Gracie is a squeaker or a peeper.
Annabelle is a screamer.
Elliott makes a barking sound...and our RB bridge baby Lizzie almost never made a sound...I could count one one hand the times she meowed, but she sure could purr!
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John's dad has a cat that is 13+ years old and has never meowed. She just squeaks, and it's very quiet.
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I helped socialize an adorable little feral boy (adopted by a TCS member) who squeaks instead of meows. He's even done it for his new meowmy. It's very sweet!
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My RB kitty, Jake, had a squeak even as an adult. I loved it! Sometimes no sound would come out at all but you'd see him mouth moving!
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when i 1st brought chloe home, i kept hearig squeking and thought my roomie was having probs with her closet door again. we discovered it was chloe , just sitting in the hallway crying for someone <333
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That's how Squeak got her name. Except I'm pretty sure her squeak is because she got hit by a car and it damaged her vocal cords. She can yowl and meow loudly when she's really motivated such as being restrained by the vet while given a shot but otherwise she just gives a short little quiet half mew. It was worse when I first found her but hasn't improved since the first 2 weeks. She was mute for awhile.
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Theodora doesn't open her mouth to meow.... It sounds something like a " mmmmmmhhhhh"
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Molly sqeaks. It's the dumbest noise I've ever heard from a cat!
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My little Lucy Belle surely is a quiet one. She also seems to like to *ack* and I've nevr heard her utter a *meow* so far. But yeah, she purrs like crazy.
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Yep, some cats just squeak
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When my son 1st found Blossom at 3 weeks old she cried the 1st night & for the next few months had a really loud purr but no meow. When she sees birds outside she makes the 'ack' sound & her flews vibrate. A couple of weeks ago I had her at the vet. She was in her carry case while we were waiting & she meowed a few times. It was the 1st time she really meowed, in a rather distressed way. She hasn't meowed since. Even when we accidentally tread on her she barely makes a scream.
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I also have a squeaker. I don't think I have ever heard Millie with an actual meow before, but when she wants to vocalize, its a low squeak.
Saedie on the other hand, never stops meowing. She meows for everything.. when she wants to play, when she wants to eat, when she is looking out the window, and when I get home she meows for a good 15 minutes while I pet her.

Every cat is different, and be glad you have a squeaker, you will be thankful at night when you can fall asleep before your cat does.
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I find that if you "talk" to them back, they often raise the level of their meowl. My Spanky used to squeak and now you can hear him across the house.

I love all the variations of sound cats can produce. I can tell most of mine apart just by their meowls.
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Cats meows are just as unique as they are.
Biscuits meow is..."MOOOOOOWWWWwwwwwwwww" [starting low pitch,steadily rising to high pitch].
Goldies' sounds more like a dog bark, "BRRRRR..YAP YAP YAP...".
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My new baby boy, Prince squeaks, too. But also has a very soft meow. He will squeak when he is excited and playing w/Sassy!! It is the funniest thing!!
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Izabel squeaks if I pick her up mid-meow!
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Thats how Pipsqueek got his name! First, he was always 2 <whatever> smaller than his brother. First 2 ounces, eventually 2 lbs, now 2 inches! Plus he never meowed, he squeeked. He grew out of it and now he is my talker! He meows at everything and at nothing! If he can't find me, he meows. When he finds me, he meows. When he wants to eat, he meows. While he plays, he meows. When he lays down to rest, he meows.
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All of my cats have different meows too.
Bentley is my squeaker, he does meow occasionally too but most of the time it is just a little squeak, that is when he makes any noise at all. He is master of the silent meow, all you really hear is the air moving and the only way you know it is him is because you can see he is meowing.

Nemo squeaks too but he is also a little younger, I am not sure yet if he will grow out of it or not. He will sit on the ground and meow at me until I get on the floor with him so he can rub around me headbutting me. He usually meows for the first few minutes that I am petting him too.

Mercury makes every sound in the book! He chirps at the birds (yes I mean chirps, I swear he imitates them). He meows for me when I am not in the room with him. He does this wierd twirling sound sometimes when he is running (I call it his noise of locomotion. . not sure what it really is). He even has a "lost in the wilderness cry" sometimes when he is all alone in a room.

Trinity is my screamer. She "yells" at us all the time to tell us what she wants. This usally preceeds her leading me in circles around the house.
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my calico cat squeaks when she is looking at the birlds through our glass slider ....and she only moews when she is in heat ( shes a indoor cat and my other male cat is fixed) no meowing excpet for this time but just squeaking ...otherwise she is in perfffect health!
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My little Jack is extremely vocal--a very very sweet meow.

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My friend had a cat that sounded like a sheep when she meowed.

Abby will either meow or "mep".
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Gizmo doesn't meow either. She had a very bad respiratory infection when I got her. (The shelter claimed they treated it, but I doubt it because she was so sick and got better the second we put her on antibiotics)

She "meeps" and hardly ever growls. Sometimes we call her "meeper kitty"
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Cleo brrrrrs and mrrrrrs alot, she rarely meows. She's very vocal in everything BUT meowing! We're still not sure if it had anything to do with the virus she had that killed her eyes, if it affected it vocal chords. Charlie meows ALL the time, nothing wrong there :P

When we brought Jazzy home at 9 weeks old she didn't make a single sound and we were so worried. It turned out she had cat flu, once we took her back and she was on meds she was meowing contently.
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