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Vibes for Kitty Hitler

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Molly sustained some serious injuries today. I saw her before work & she was fine. I went into the garage to feed her tonight around 11 PM & she was not fine. Cannot get ahold of the one vet I want helping her. I'm calling the vet at 9AM tomorrow as soon as they're open...hopefully he'll come in & I hope the vet tech is in tomorrow as well.

I'm simply asking vibes that this is not a one way trip. She does not look good. And I feel guilty....because I never reminded lil sis to close the garage door so Molly was locked in before she left. Had lil sis closed the garage door, Molly would've been safe inside.

She's in the upstairs bathroom & I'm sleeping in there with her, just in case she needs me. She has peed in her litterbox, & tried eating a bit, but her mouth clearly hurts.

(There is no such thing as an ER vet here, or she would be there already)
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Sending lots of your way! I hope everything turns out ok!!
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What do you think happened to her? I will be praying for her, poor baby!
and I will keep you in my prayers also, it is going to be a long night, I'll be in and out so if you need to talk , don't hesitate! I know what it's like to stay up with one all night, for there are no ER's here either! Stay with her, keep her warm! she will know your there!

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Poor thing. I hope she is ok!
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Oh man, my stomach just dropped with fear for you and Molly, I can imagine how scared you must be.

Sending all of the vibes I can muster that the vet can fix her up tomorrow. Hugs and vibes being sent.
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I wonder what happened to her? Lots of good vibes for Molly
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Molly, be well soon!

Poor thing, I hope it is nothing too serious.
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i hope that molly is feeling better in the morning!!!!
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Lots of vibes for you and Molly
Please let us know how she does
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Oh my!!!

I really hope that Molly gets a round trip ticket the to vet instead!
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Lil sis turned out the heater & took a bath in the bathroom with her this am. Molly's squeaking at her, from what I hear, it's quite an interesting conversation. That makes me feel a bit better, but her face is craped up, one of her teeth is busted....I'm just hoping that the vet will come in today, Molly comes home with me, & that it won't cost a small fortune to fix her.
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Sending and Prayers to you and Molly.
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For Molly.
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Called the vet clinic, they just opened. The office gal has been unable to get ahold of the vet, but he is on an emergency & said he might not be avaliable. He did say that he would be available later, around noon. So, if I don't hear from her again, Molly goes in just after noon. If I hear from her that she couldn't get ahold of the vet, then I have to scramble to find another vet to look at her.

She's rubbing on legs when you're in the room. Ate 1/4 kitty crack can & is eating some dry now, too. Her jaws aren't broken, what I'm worried about is that if she was hit by a car, then her lungs could be damaged as could other internal organs.

When I called the vet, I just started bawling on the phone. She said that face injuries from cars are rarely good, but the fact that she's eating, rubbing, & squeaking is good.

I'm off with Molly to the humane society, I can't sit here, I have to do something. You probably won't hear from me until late tonight, unless it is bad news.
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(((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((( ))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))
with all my forces for Molly!
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Good luck Nat...many vibes for Molly and you
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Oh I am SO sorry. Praying she gets through this.
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Sending prayers for her!
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for Molly!
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Sending lots of vibes and prayers for Molly.
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Lots of vibes for Molly.
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Sending lots of vibes for Molly to feel better soon!
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I hope your baby girl is ok! or will be ok! let's all think positive for Molly!
positive for Molly!
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I'm thinking postive for your baby. I hope she's ok!!!!!!!
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for Molly
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Lots of vibes headed your way hon! I hope little Molly winds up being ok!
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that your vets bill is not to expensive and that she will be fine
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lots of vibes from me too! hope she's ok
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