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He's home, OMG the drama...

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Ok, so I left work at 4:40, knowing the Max's flight - due to arrive in Logan at 5:19 p.m., delayed from the original 4:45 pm arrival. Ok, a small delay, I expected that, brought a paperback (Second Glance by Jody Picoult - great book!) and off I went, only getting lost once trying to find the South Cargo area of the airport.

After finding my way out of the car rental area, I found the right place. I walked in - my adrenaline was a-pumping, I tell you - and was immediately shocked and dismayed to learn that Max didn't get off the ground in Raleigh when he was scheduled to. In fact, he wound up on a completely different, later flight.

I found myself faced with at least 2 1/2 hours to kill - which ran into 3 hours, as it turned out. I started to panic, not knowing how I could BEAR having to be PATIENT for so long - the book wouldn't do it for me, I couldn't focus...

They said they called me - my home number, not my cell. But there was no message on my machine at home - not that this would have helped, seeing as I left straight from work. *sigh*

Anyhoo, the cargo chick (she was really cool, named Roberta ) hooked me up with directions to a good restaurant in East Boston, and her office phone # to check on the flight (at that point Max wasn't even at Newark yet, and it was 6 p.m.!)

Off I went with my paperback to this Italian restaurant, in the only area of East Boston that I recognize - because I'd been lost there before in the same spot and found my way back home. The adorable waiter sat me in the back at a two-seater against the wall, and I ordered the steak tips and a margherita on the rocks because I figured I needed it to get me through the wait, and enjoyed my salad as I read my book.

Salad finished, a suit at the next table started asking about the book, which led to chitchat about New England, which led to Halloween in Salem, and suddenly the elderly couple to my right started chiming in, and I enjoyed a lengthy conversation with them (they had a cat, female calico with red patches; they stole her from an owner who didn't care about her, gave her 8 good years before she passed to RB.)

Next thing I know, time is flying by, and it's close to 8 p.m., so I call and check in, and he's landed in Newark, and on board ready to head to Boston. So I finish my drink, chat a bit more with my fellow diners (who says New Englanders aren't friendly? )

Then I pay, and say my goodbyes, after getting directions back to where I needed to get to from the blue collar guy to my left: he was eating with his elderly mom, poor woman had an oxygen tube stuck in her face. (They had replaced the suits that had been asking me about New England.) it's 8:30-ish. I find my way back to South Cargo, park in front and as I'm running in, a smoker with a safety vest on asks me if I'm picking up an animal, because he's just brought in a few. I hurried in, and sure enough, a certain little someone was meowing up a storm in there!!!!

Phew - this is long, I know, but we are getting there! On with my Friday night adventure: I signed for the carrier, took my new boy out to my truck, and he meowed a bit until we got going.

I talked to him all the way home, with some singing to the radio thrown in (I can carry a bit of a tune ) and he relaxed and was mostly quiet all the way, meowing again just once we pulled into the driveway and announced, "Max, we're home now!"

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Poor Max - it sounds like he had a really long trip. I'm so glad he's with you now. I'll wait patiently for your next update after you both have had some rest.

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Yeah he's home oh what an ordeal for you, but I am sure it's worth all that wait to hear his meow.
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Awwww Max

I don't want to wait for the next update! NOW NOW NOW!

By the way, how do they fly a cat around the country? Do you just tell them "I have a cat to ship"? And then you pay for a ticket for the cat, and they stick the carrier in with the luggage or something? I have always wondered...
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Home Max!
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So I came in the front door, carrier in hand, and had to place him on the floor to get the door closed and the lights on. He was meowing and the kits came running - and stopped SHORT.

Penny went right up to the carrier, sniffed him, then hisshissHISSSSSSSED at him - oh my head!!! Ginger went belly to the ground in a low crouch, watching and wary, and Ferris was further back at the edges of the room, looking frightened.

I hustled the carrier into my bedroom, putting him on the bed and running to get his bowl of kitten chow. He meowed the entire time - Ginger considers my room hers, so she was at the doorway, still belly low and on point, cautious but not agressive. Yet.

I went in my room and shut the door, and let Max out. He let me give him a couple of scritches, but then he was off to sniff every inch of the room. I don't know if he's used the litter box yet, but he knows where it is. I watched him check out the water fountain and the food dish, but he wasn't having any yet. I left him in there to get more settled and came out to feed the kits.

When I went into the kitchen to get their dishes, Penny gave a really good hiss at me! I sense a trend - the one that is always the most upset was the last one to join the family? New brothers are gross?

I fed the three, and Ginger let me love on her, so I annointed her with a good dose of vanilla. Then I got on the computer and started composing this book. And Ferris came to me and let me take him up on my lap and love on him - so I gave him a really good dose of vanilla, too. Two down, two to go.

Penny is not pleased with me. I shall have to annoint her tomorrow. I'll take it in with me and see if I can get Max smelling like cookies tonight, too.

I brought his carrier blankie out into my office, and let the kits smell it, and when I finish posting, I'm going to lay it under their food dishes in the kitchen, including the dry food dish. (I've read all the intro threads, LOL, I feel like I'm getting to be an expert at this already! )

So there it is, folks, my evening. I don't "know" Max yet, but I'm looking forward to it - he really does seem like a total sweetiepie.

I'm really tired...I hope Max lets me sleep tonight...and I hope Ginger isn't TOO angry that I'm closing her out for the evening. G'night, peeps - I'll post an update tomorrow!
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Betsy, you have done some of the tougher intros so I know you will do it great as always. Sweet dreams to you, Max, and everyone else.
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Originally Posted by Trouts mom View Post
Awwww Max

I don't want to wait for the next update! NOW NOW NOW!

By the way, how do they fly a cat around the country? Do you just tell them "I have a cat to ship"? And then you pay for a ticket for the cat, and they stick the carrier in with the luggage or something? I have always wondered...
Continental Pet Cargo

OK, I finished my update - that's all you get for tonight!!!
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Welcome home max! He is such a sweetheart...keep us posted please Betsy!
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Oh ya, forgot to steak tips were DELICIOUS.

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Oh man sorry you had to go through such drama!!!! I hope you get some sleep tonight and I can't WAIT to see pics of him settling in!

Oh and I forgot to tell you - my mum and aunt were in Salem 2 weeks ago now I guess and thought it was fabulous!!!

And if you haven't read My Sisters Keeper by Jodi Picoult, it's also excellent!
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He's FINALLY home!!! Awww Betsy, Congrats hon! I'm soo thilled for you I hope the intros go well and he just love it with you!
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So glad he's home now safe and sound...maybe he's sleeping with you right now Can't wait to see pics and hear more stories this should be interesting
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I'm so glad Max made it to his new home safe and sound!

Boy do I know how nervewracking waiting for that flight can be. Ginger's flight from Ohio was also delayed, and we had about the same amount of time to wait. And she made her little self known in the cargo terminal too!

Going through difficult intros is trying to say the least, but you'll all made it through. and for everyone to calm down and be friends very soon!
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Welcome Home Max
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Welcome home Max!!!!!!
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When's the movie version of this coming out? I want to see it!

Max, you're one lucky kitty!
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Welcome home Max!
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woot max is home, i am sure they will adjust fast
well i hope they do.
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I hope you're getting some sleep, a new cat exploring the bedroom and wanting to get to know you can result in dark circles around the eyes in my experience!!
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Welcome Home Max!

That is the same facility that I picked up Stoli in!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was POURING rain the whole time we were driving. It made for a long trip!
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Betsey you are a wonderful story teller! I love the "suit",and the " Mom with oxygen
stuck up her nose" you know I imagine that it was all very stressful, but
you made it sound like even though there were complications, it still went pretty smooth. and you had a lovely meal, with some interesting people, that all helped in making the time pass!! I can't wait for more..... you are quite the character! Lucky Max! Hope today goes well for all!
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You had me right there with you all the way.
Can hardly wait for the next chapter of your page turner.
Welcome home Max.
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Awwww. Max is home. How wonderful.

How is the little guy going today?
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Glad Max is safely home. I do hope you called Nail and Teri to let them know everything is ok now that you have Max

And now you get the fun part over the next few weeks/months of playing "introductions"

Keep us posted with pics too
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Originally Posted by GoldenKitty45 View Post
Glad Max is safely home. I do hope you called Nail and Teri to let them know everything is ok now that you have Max

And now you get the fun part over the next few weeks/months of playing "introductions"

Keep us posted with pics too
Oh yes, I called them last night - Nial is at a show, so I talked to Teri at home once Max arrived safely.

I just posted a morning update thread.
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