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My New Aby...

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Hi folks ..saying hello..after six months of re training my aby who
I got at 16 months old was scared to wits..of everything..and My Bengal
Brat Simby who is 3 months younger only wants to play and play

I am sooo happy for the first time Garci my cute little aby let him near him
to sleep But no!!! Simby uses a paw up and there goes Garci...he is a big
Galoof! and would'nt hurt a fly ...Poor Garci does not get it yet!!!

Take a look I have been working on my cat site of my fur babies
and other really cute stuff..

Hey! If any of you all have a clue how I can stop this aby from getting to fat!
he eat's like a little piggy I can't even hide food from the other cats..
I have not found a food he won't eat...I's at my wits end...way toooooooooo big

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What beautiful kitties!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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