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Computer problems

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Now that the babies are all grown up it's getting really difficult to use the computer...

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Oh my gosh...
They are huge and gorgeous as can be.
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you should put an aquarium screen saver on there.

or better yet get them to watch the following Ghostly car ad
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Aww I love siamese kitties. And don't worry. They'll let you on as soon as they are done the cat system scan.
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They are so lucky they have their own PC
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...yeah, I suppose you're having to book time in between their online sessions, aren't you?
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They look like they are analyzing some complex problem from different angles there!
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Okay, you have two choices: Either you get them their own computer, or you buy one of those fake "picture fish tanks" that you plug in and the fake fish swim around. ??? Otherwise, you'll never get your computer back!!
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LOL..ohmi..that is too cute!
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Last time I worked with a computer support team the men of the group looked like that.
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They look very involved
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Oh you need to have a serious talk with them about their addiction to the computer. Too funny!
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Wow I can see why you're having trouble getting any computer time! How cute is that?
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