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Does my cat need help?

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Hello im new here and very glad to be part of this forum
I have a question and its very important to me, i have 2 cats and one sadly passed away and now the other one seems to look for the other one and isnt his usual self, my question is would bringing a new cat around the same age (female) to save the fights! would this make him happy? please me and my cat need your help thankyou
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I have found information here on dealing with your cat's grief. I do think a playmate can help cats get through the grieving process. Just make sure to read up on introductions.
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Cats definitely miss their buddies. A new cat can't replace the old cat, but I think, once you and the cat are ready, getting a new cat a home is a lovely way of expressing that life goes on.
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Well that is helpful i thank you! and il post up some pics of my cat and my old cat soon
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My deepest condolences to you and your cat on your loss and YES, absolutely, just like people, cats grieve. They miss their family and friends just like we do. Adopting another cat would not only give your cat a friend (NOT a "replacement" as each cat, like each person, is unique!), it would save another LIFE! So run, don't walk, to your nearest shelter, sanctuary, or street and ADOPT! Good luck, and do keep us posted (oh, and we would love to see pictures of both of your cats, we look forward to that!) It would be the best tribute possible to the memory of your cat who has passed on to give another wonderful cat a loving, forever home.
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IMO I'd wait awhile till YOU are more ready. Both you and the cat have to grieve some. And when you feel ready to add another, I'd get one maybe a year or so younger. Not too young tho.

If you have a male, it won't matter much if you bring in another neutered male or a spayed female. Look for a more laid back and less dominate personality so you don't have as much problems
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When we first moved out of the apartment where we got Whisper, he lost a friend, our room mate's cat. I didn't at first want to rush to get a second cat. I know my limits and I know what "too many" has been for us, but at the time, we only had Whisper. Unfortunately, he was lost without his "buddy," and became clingy with me and very, very demanding. I couldn't keep up with his needs, and a bit of frustration and a bit of guilt led me to the animal shelter, where we adopted Reagan.

I've never seen anything like these two together. They love one another to pieces!

However, I do agree that in your case it might be best to give it some time for both of you to grieve. You might well *need* one another for companionship right now. Give yourselves a bit of time to heal, and then consider getting another cat from a shelter as a friend.
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yes will do so but if i do get a female what age should the cat be? does this make a difference?
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It was recommended to us to get a female cat of similar age to Whisper when he went through the "grieving" process after losing his friend when we moved. It's worked out well for us.
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A kitten is obviously going to be much more of a handful for you and the other kitty. It may stress him out more if he has a energetic kitten jumping all over him. I would get an adult cat that is more laid back. I dont know if age (a 2 year old vs a 10 year old) would make much of a differance. However, older cats do have difficulties finding homes. Not many want to adopt a cat that is already 7 years old or older. You might want to consider adopting one since thay are more laid back (most of the time) and you might just be saving that kitty from months in a cage or worse.

Sorry to hear about your other kitty. If you need anything the people here at TCS are always willing to lend a compassionate ear.
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Yes will look for a cat around 7 years then see which one is easy going my cat isn't the jumping around type unless i give him a bottle top to play with and when i do he goes crazy.
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