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Beauty comes home tomorrow (Sat)

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good news peeps!

Beauty finally gets to come home tomorrow. the report from the vet is that she's quite talkative, moving and EATING ON HER OWN

So tomorrow at 11:30 we're stopping by the vet for a quick demo on how to pop pills in her (our "way" has never worked with her, she'll spit them back out), then she comes home.

We'll probably have to reintroduce her a little. Luna has been that there is one less cat in the house.

Now B just needs to get a job and we'll be one big happy family again (we're MOSTLY happy).

OK, now back to my test
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It sounds like she's over the worst of it. for her coming home.
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Oh I'm soooo glad to hear it!
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Oh great news! How are the others feeling?
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That's great news!

For her continued recovery.
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The others are feeling great. Everyone else is over their colds. Luna was the only one that truely dodged it. She sneezed for 2 days and that was all from her.

Whitey is prancing in front of me and crying because its 10 o'clock and that's playtime in his world. Uupp..he's leaving...probably to go beat up Luna cause he's bored and he knows if he keeps doing it I'll play with him Yes I'm a sucker.

I can hardly wait for the vet bill though When I first took her in, they quoted me $450-500 for 3 days. Tomorrow will be a week.
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I'm glad she's finally coming home!!! I don't wanna know what your vet bill is gonna be, though.
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Welcome back, Beauty - so glad you're better - and away from the vet!
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glad to hear Beauty is coming home
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