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What's this?

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This isn't a problem, it's pretty amusing: -
Sometimes when Roxy (6 months) is annoying Villy (9 years old), Villy will look at Roxy and do a funny little sniff, like she's blowing air out through her nose.

I think it's a cats version of a human, "huh!", or a roll of the eyes, like, uh, you're there, whatever, you better behave or I'll hiss at you! It's too funny!

I was just wondering if anyone else has seen any similar behaviour, or had any opinions?
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Seamus lets out a huff when he gets bored or tired while playing... he'll sigh and drop to the floor.
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generally my cat huffs rather than hisses, she only hisses at the doctor.
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I rough play with Maia often, hand threw the blanket, she attacks it................when she gets very dominant and in charge, she huffs, it's kind of like a spit but through their nose. silly kitties!
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My cat Mary(3) gets tired of the boys(1) sometimes and does the loud sigh thing. They are still somewhat rambunctious and enjoy chasing each other. Seldon and Cleotis are littermates so they have each other to play with. But every so often they try to engage her and when she is done she sighs and turns her head. Very much a rolleyes.
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