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alpha females? just wondering...

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ok i know female cats can often be dominant to nutered male cats, but i was wondering can queens ever dominate tom cats as in unaltered alpha tom cats that are the ones getting everyone pregnant? or is it just something that would not ever happen? In lion prides males dominate supreme and i was wondering if domestic cats were the same?
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My guess would be that unaltered males would rule over unaltered females, but that is only a guess as I speuter anything that crosses my path.
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IMO queens are the dominant ones. Tom cats who are more successful in impregnating females is more due to experience than anything else. I also was told that in prides, the alpha lion is there only because the females allow it.
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i admit female cats do rule over males a lot but these males are always nutered

tom cats are a whole diff story tho
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Tomcats... I've never really seen them get close enough to females to really 'rule' them. To a tomcat, a female is there for mating and not much else.
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In my experience with not only cats but most social animals the females and the males keep a fairly seperate hierarchy. Females deal with females and males deal with males without the 2 really trying to dominate each other outside of males trying to mate and females telling them when they are ready or not. I don't think lions are so cut and dry either. The females will attack a male if he really crosses them such as when they try to kill a cub sired by another male. They'll even attack in groups to get rid of a male they dislike or is a threat. It's just usually not necessary or they don't care. The females mostly protect their territory against females and the males protect their territory against males. When 2 of opposite gender do get in disagreements it usually comes down to individual personality and if they are equally dominant I've seen draws before where both just agree to back off to avoid injuring each other.
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I read somewhere that in a given group of unaltered cats its a loose hiearcy. The unaltered toms are top, then the unaltered queens.

However, in another article on cat behavior its been observed that the top queen of the group actually chooses who she will mate with and its not always the top male. Males are too busy fighting for dominance and another non-fighting male may catch the eye of the queen and she may decide to mate with this male
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