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My cats eye! Please help

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I have been to my vets 2 times with my cat because his eye seems to be bothering him, yet I still dont seem to have the right answers.
One morning I woke up, he wouldnt open his left eye at all, it was drippy, red etc. We have recently got a kitten and they play fight a lot, so I took him into the vets and said it might well be a scratch. They did the UV light scratch test and it came back negative, so no visible scratches. They said it might still be trauma from playfighting, so gave him an antibacterial gel to put on the eyeball for 3 days. 5 days later it was still really bad, so took him back to the vets and this time was diagnosed with conjunctivitus, given 10 days of eye drops, and sent home. The drippyness has calmed down considerably, but he still holds his eye closed a lot of the time, he seems down, and most 'worryingly' whenever I photograph him, his eye looks like this:

It isnt just the cat version of redeye, I know what he looks like when that happens, his eyes shine blue. The white lines on his left eye are in every photo I take of him since he got sick.
Ive tried asking my vet to look at the photo and they say it cant be showing anything the vet cant see for themselves. They probably know what theyre talking about, but does anyone elses cat have eyes that show up like this? Its really bothering me. Even if its not painful for him I want to know how to get rid of those lines so I can take more cute photos of my cat!! Thankyou for any ideas x
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how troubling...

for a speedy recovery
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is there a feline opthamologist near you? I'd have him looked at there since the vet doesn't seem to be on top of it.
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poor baby, I hope you find a solutution soon.
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I also suggest you ask your vet for a referral to see a specialist.
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Awww poor baby, that looks sore Many vibes you find a solution soon
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Poor little boy Conjunctivitis in cats is usually caused by the feline herpes virus. You said he was responding slightly to his eye drops. Was this improvement noted when only a few days into treatment? If so, perhaps you'd want to wait until after the 10 days. Also, this condition can sometime be stubborn and may require an extension of the treatment.

Just a thought..You may want to consider asking your Vet about giving your kitty L-Lysine, an immune system booster that is widely used in the treatment of Feline Herpes. It is not a quick fix, though, and may take a couple of months for it to be noticably effective. It's best for cats to take a veterinary formula since the human version, not only is huge and requires crushing, but, most importantly because they may contain the preservative propylene glycol There are feline versions available made especially for them, some in a gel form in a convenient tube. One such product is Viralys (L-Lysine) Gel.

I echo the other's sentiments that if his eye doesn't continue to improve, you may want to ask your Vet for a referral to see a Feline Optomologist. Regardless of your Vet's opinion of what may going on with his eye, you are his advocate and and reporter of his symptonms, and it is your right to pursue another professional in order to obtain the very best of care for your little one!

Please keep us updated! Feel better, little boy!
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Oh no!! I'd say your kitty needs to see a veterinary opthamologist ASAP! There is a good chance that your kitty is suffering from herpes virus and a corneal ulcer is forming. If that is the case, you will definetely need to give your kitty L-lysine (you can use powered lysine from a health store) and will probably need prescription anti-viral drops for the eye. (Something like Idoxuridine.) You might also think about buying Transfer Factor for Felines to wet food, along with the L-lysine. It can be bought online, and it contains colostrum to boost feline immune systems. Good luck - I hope your kitty get better soon.
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Thankyou for your replies! The eyedrops (recommended for 10 days) was almost 2 weeks ago now, so all his symptoms are continuing past treatment. I have him booked to see the vet again on Monday, if they dont give me an alternative treatment I certainly shall get him into a specialist! Sometimes its hard to know when you should be worried and when you're just fussing!! Thanks again
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Well I was at the vets with Kitty last night. I took a photo of him to the vets so that the vet could see exactly what markings in his eye were worrying me. She looked and looked and found nothing. The conclusion was that whilst he's still eating/acting happy, we should just leave him alone and hope the white marks in his eye stop appearing in photos. Very strange but I simply cant afford to drag him to an opthamologist when he isnt even displaying signs of being unhealthy other than the odd squinty day.

Id still LOVE to know what the marks are caused by though, if anyone has any ideas. Kitty is recently wormed, fully vaccinated, negative for leukemia and cancer, but possibly has herpes. We havnt tested him for it since the tests are often inconclusive, and he's only had 1 eye problem since we got him. If it continues to flare up we'll have to look into testing/treating him for herpes.
This happens on all photos of him since his eye started bothering him.
Thanks x
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I'd say your best bet is with an eye specialist. they don't cost much more than your regular vet and they are very knowledgeable. I just had a whole thing with my cat and his eye (it was actually removed yesterday) and I couldn't have loved my eye vet more. she was so great with him and much more helpful than my regular vet because she is specialized.

good luck to you!
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