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When is it time for another cat?

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Since Ziggy passed away, it's been really strange having only one cat around. Especially since the 17th August I've had her and four kittens. But the kittens were gone (except Links) and for a week it was the two of them, until Saturday.

Ziggy will never be replaced, she really was one of a kind, well aren't they all, but I really want two cats again.

When your babies went to RB, how long until you got another cat? If ever?
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You will know. You've got Links to think about now....and if you/your family/Links are all ready for another kitty.....Ziggy knows you can never replace her, she will furr-ever hold a special place in your heart.
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Everybody is different, thats for sure. Its what you think is best for you & for your other kitty

When we lost Davidson, it was so unexpected that it was such a shock not having 2 cats around anymore. Harley is the reason we got Bayley. We got Bayely from our Humane Society only 5 days after we lost Davidson. Reason being- Harley was really missing that social interaction - he's a cats' cat- not much into humans (he loves us, yes) but he really needed that other cat to be around.

We went into the HS with an open mind- we did go for the age range that Davidson was, about 7 months, that way the new kitten wouldnt be dominant over Harley. We wanted him to know we werent replacing Davidson, but helping him grieve too And as you can see in my siggy - it was the right choice

Like I said, everyone is different, but you have to go with your feelings. Its not replacing them, its just opening your heart to another angel who needs you too

Best of luck, if you need to talk, I'm only a PM away
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For me it was 6 weeks as we were in the middle of moving.

It really is a personal decision. Some people adopt the same day and some people wait years. It really depends on how you feel in your heart. The most important thing is to not adopt thinking you will be getting a replacement, but it sounds like you already know that. You also should wait until you don't feel any guilt about it. Some people feel guilty as they think they are replacing the lost pet and feel it is a betrayal of their feelings. Grief is different for everyone.

Good luck.
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Links has been used to having his brother and sisters and his mum to play with, and within a week, he became all alone. I think he needs that social interaction, as we can't keep up with him and his play demands at 1am .

I think I will go for a slightly older female, maybe 4 months old, that way I can do the spay/neuter at different times so there aren't any accidents if they become sexually mature early. What do you think?
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For me, the best thing to fill a cat-sized hole in my heart has been another cat. When I lost my Miss Tobie, it was so awful that I actual thought that I would not dare to love another cat like that again; fortunately, my daughter knew better and got me Joey and JC. Joey is my new "cat Friday" and this JC, although a large, MC resembles my first JC who was a very petite DSH, in personality.
IMO, there is such a need for good homes for ever so many kitties, now is just as good a time as any. And I say that from experience - when I woke up the morning of the day that I got Joey and JC, I was convinced that I would never have my own special kitty again - I was that full of grief, but by bedtime, new love was healing my heart
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I think any age would be OK for Links. As he still is a lot of kitten, I would remain open to even up to 1-2 years of age....that way you don't have two holy terror teen kittens in the house. So long as the kitty is active & playful....I think Links would do OK with an older yet kitty.
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When I had to have my cancer kitty PTS I brought home another kitty from Animal Control that same day. I had just let one go so it made room to give another one a loving home. I'm sure it depends on the circumstances of the loss. I was "prepared" for the death of my cat so I was ready to accept a new one.
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When I tragically lost Sheba 9-26-2004 (neighbor shot on his property) and the whole process of prosecuting my neighbor for the crime I wasn't thinking of getting another cat.
While we had and have three others Sheba and I had this bond-you know what I mean.

Probably about a month later I started on petfinders looking for another cat.
I was pretty open I was thinking an older rescue and one 11-6-2004 I got Bakker from a rescue-a scrawny male kitten instead of an older cat. I knew he was the one.

Does he replace Sheba, no she is not replaceable but he fill a bit of the hole in my life that Sheba left.
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I think it's time, when you see a special kitty that grabs your heart.
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It really goes by your cat and you. When Marbles died it was a huge shock. I was not ready emotionally but Snickers was really needing a cat with some energy to play with. For her sake we got Jazz 3 weeks after Marbles passed. Honestly it was hard for me emotionally. It has taken me the last two months of having him to finally get were I am starting to feel connected to him. It really depends if you feel ready and/or your other cat. Good luck.
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EVERYONE is different .... I must be a few yr one... I can look and cuddle the adoptables at the petsmart now but no real desire to have another... Mom on the other hand needs another cat , I thought a bunny would help her but it wasnt the right ...

For me

Joey RIP april 22 1995
Peggy Rip feb 20 1995

I got Patsy Leah march 11 1998( had to give her up march 11 2000) ... got Gigi 8 months later

Nikko dies in 1985

I got Kandie Sept 30 1988
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Originally Posted by sadieandziggy View Post

When your babies went to RB, how long until you got another cat? If ever?
when Mouse left, i had just acquired Cable 3 months before. then i found Java 3 months afterwards, & she joined our little family.

but i didn't intentionally get a new cat until Chip, in March of 2006 - a little over a year afterwards.

if i hadn't had Cable, tho, i would've gotten another right away, for Pixel. she & Mouse were littermates, & until Mouse got ill, they had never spent a night apart.
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Originally Posted by mbjerkness View Post
I think it's time, when you see a special kitty that grabs your heart.
Good answer! There is no set time. You and the potential new kitty will know when the time is right.
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I'm going to go to the Cats Protection tomorrow to have a look at the kitties. One day I will see one that I will think 'I WANT THAT CAT!'

SO is wanting another kitten, but I'm thinking about a slightly older cat with personnality already built in as my son is only 2. I'm thinking maybe 3 or 4 years old.

I'd love a long-haired Calico.....
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With a 2 year old, I wholeheartedly encourage you to look into adult cats. That way, you know what their purr-sonlity will be.
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Girl I think you need to go for it! There is some poor soul, needing you!
and I totally admire you for wanting an older cat, poor babies, they almost always get the shaft, because those darn kittens are so cute, they are, but they are so destructive! I think that is the right idea especially concerning your son, kittens bit and crawl, they don't know any better but save your son and them from all of that! Awww! I think it is a great idea, I wish you all the luck if you go tomorrow! I have a long-haired calico, "Callie" of course,
she was left at the doorstep at my Vets office.They have cats that live in the office there, office-cats, I walked in and the 2 OC'S had her trapped in the corner, I said, "Whose Calico?" my friend who worked there said, "Yours!"
I said, "Yea, she's mine!" Awesome cat, Marvin taught her to fetch rocks, and when I was pregant with my son, I would walk, around these duplexes on our block, Callie followed me everytime, one day this older woman was sitting outside when we went by, she said, "Oh, I like your new dog!" we both laughed, she did look just like a dog walking right beside me! She is so cool!
She is getting on up there in age now! Anyway, I'm behind you all the way!
Whatever you decide!
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So, I went to my two local shelters today. I saw the most beautiful calico called Amy, but she had to go with her brother and she was only 6months old. Coincidently, someone from one of the shelters had been in my street this morning!! They said that I should have acat at least 8 years old because of the location. So that was fine, so we set our sites on Bonny, a lovely long-haired tortie. She kinda reminded me of Maine Coon, just much smaller She is eight years old. So I filled in a form and aranged for them to come and see where I live and they asked me about a cat flap... I said I don't have one and that I would perfer to keep her indoors.... shouldn't have said that!!! They said that because I have a yound child, I shouldn't have a litter box in the house, and that the cat should go outside to go to the bathroom. They also said that they would perfer their cats to be homed in an environment where they would be free to go in and out as they please, instead of being cooped up in a house.

I am happy to have an older cat, but I think that 8years would be my limit for a new cat, but I would rather one that is a bit younger and more playful for Links' sake.

It doesn't seem to be looking good with them so I may not be able to go for a rescue. The appointment for them to come round is Monday at 11am. Wish me luck everyone
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Wow, it's amazing to me how different the recommendations are between the US and UK. Here, I would be disqualified by some rescues because one of my cats IS allowed outside. Good luck! Hoping the right kitty finds you soon.
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