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Sorry, Debby, I can't take credit, for the hairball line - it was KrazyKat. I would have opted for something nastier - like a disemboweled rat!
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I'm just chiming in on what everyone else has said. Debby, you seem to be one of the kindest, sweetest people here or anywhere. As others have said, if that person doesn't want to hear venting, they can skip over the thread.

One of the great things about this place is we can vent and get comfort and advice. Don't let one negative person take that away from you.
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OOPS!!! It was Krazykat that said that! I just got confused after reading so many posts!!! Thanks to all of you!!! Like I said, I feel better, but I still don't understand.
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I agree with everyone else....YOU ARE THE SWEETEST! Please don't change just because of this person...we all love you the way you are and if that person doesn't like it, then that's just too bad. If you need to vent...go right ahead! Most of us have vented from time to time and that is one great thing about this site...everyone cares for one another and we care what happens in our friends lives. Take care Sweetie and just remember that we all love you!
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Thank you!!! And I do hope that she reads this thread, and realizes that I have never said anything bad about her and don't understand why she won't have anything to do with me and has said the things she did. I can only hope she reads this and realizes how I feel.

I just want to drop it now..it is over...I just had to say how I felt...guess I do that alot!
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Gotcha! Subject dropped. On to brighter days ahead!
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Thank you!!!! And I am going to try to be the bigger person here and still reply to this persons threads, but it will be hard, and some days I just may not have it in me. I hope that does not make me a bad person, but I have very limited internet time here as it is, and to take the time to reply to someone who has said she doesn't like me because I post about my problems here too much is just awfully hard.

I also want to apologize to new people here...I did not mean to air my dirty laundry here, so to speak, this is not what this site is about, and for the most part, we all love each other very much!!!!!!
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Debby, I don't post a lot, for I am not a big talker by nature, but I'm in here every night and enjoy reading everyones post and posting when I feel I can help someone. However, when I feel the need to speak you can't hold me back.

What I like about this forum is the diversity of people, that it's a safe and friendly place to say how you feel, what is going on in your life, and if the need be vent. I have always enjoyed reading your posts. From what I know about you, you are very kind and loving person and sincerely care for others. To me these are very high qualities. Sometimes in our lifes things get rough and that's when you turn to friends.

So pay no attention to the unkind works of a few, but only to the kind words of many.

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Debby -- hey

i haven't been able to read through this thread, but i did read your initial post,
and i just wanted to say, i'm sorry this is happening for you (but) ---
all that matters is what you think of yourself, always remember that, and you are wonderful.

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Debby, you are one of the nicest people I know and you always care so much about everyone else. I am glad you feel safe enough with us to share your life here and I for one appreciate your giving spirit!
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Debby, You go girl! big surprise I'm chiming in late but better late then never?
I'm glad you are the bigger person and that you aren't going to let anyone here get you down. Gosh I feel so out of touch! I've been gone for a few days and miss all sorts of things. that's it! no more work for me! It stands in the way of the cat site and I can't have that now can I?
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