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only cats

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how many of you have only 1 cat? Do you think that your cat is a lonely only or a happy cat?
Just curious. I only have 1 kitten, Raven, who is 12 weeks. She is happy but I worry about next summer when I am sure we will take at least 1 week trip back home.
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Trout is an only child She is happy. I am sure I will get another someday when I have a bigger place..but for now she is okay. Just a smidgeon destructive, but not enough to damage anything.
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My Ginger was an only cat for a year - and she got lonely and slightly depressed.

I'm going to pick up cat #4 this afternoon - they love to play with each other and there are no more lonely cats in my house.

Not every cat is meant to be an only, but some are. Usually that is discovered when they are given a companion, only to find that they hate the newcomer.

You definitely cannot leave a cat (or two) alone for a whole week, so you'll definitely need someone to care for her when you go away. A playmate might help her take your absence much better, though.
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I have been thinking about this a lot because if I was going to get a second kitten I would like them to be kittens together. Then there will be no issues with food (as they would both need kitten food) and it would probably be an easier introduction kitten to kitten than cat to kitten or cat to cat.
I am not sure though, I may just keep Raven as 1.
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Twitch was an only cat for 3 years. A bitter lonely miserable cat. I got her as a kitten & she wasn't happy. She picked TigerLily. I didn't. Twitch carried her all over the house. Albiet, hissed/smacked/growled at her once she got her to where she wanted her....but still, deep down, liked Lily.

Cats are social animals, so I always reccomend 2. Unless, in the case of some, they'd be happier without other cats. I've never met a kitten who didn't want a friend.
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I have an only. I also have dogs for the only cat to play with, it helps. They have a relationship. My cat is a bit destructive as an adult; this is a very active cat anyway though. Most people suggest getting two kittens at once. Most cats enjoy another cat as they are social. I know mine probably would like another cat but that is not an option for my family.
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We had only Enzo for a little more than 6 months I believe. He was great at first, but then he developed some bad habits and we are gone at school/work all day. We got him Leya and then Stuart, now they are all happy!
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I am a housewife/stay at home mom so I am home all day almost every day. I worry about her more for when we travel (which really is not a lot). I just feel like it is something I need to decide now. Maybe it's not, I don't know.
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We are an only kitty house hold. Limerick seems to enjoy himself. He's not really a social cat to begin with. When we were looking at him he was very playful when it was just him, but when the other cats came in, he ran to the corner and watched for a far. In the cage with the other 2 kittens, he sat in the back with a look like "get me out of here". When he was sharing a house with my sister's cat, he was miserable! He spent most of the time running away from the other cat. He never slept in me lap and rarely let anyone touch him. When my sister's cat moved with her, he was back to his playful self. He is very spoiled. He wants attention and he wants it now!! haha. He spends most of his time in my lap, or trying to get into my lap. He's a happy kitty!!
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Oscar is an only cat and proud of it. He is extremely spoiled-by mommy of course

I do wonder if he gets lonely during the day when we aren't home. We don't really have room for another cat right now though.....maybe someday....
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Lucky is an only kitty, but I am a stay at home mom, and she plays with the dog, she is a happy girl. I am trying to convince my DH that she needs a bengal to keep her company
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We originally had one female cat cookie... Last year this week... she got outside for the first time ever. Well, after the eight day and over 400 flyers later, my wife could take no more so she talked me into getting another kitten. We decided to get two, Sammy & Sweetpea (both males).

Then, the next day, a neighbor up the street responded to one of the 400 flyers we put out...we got our Cookie back!

Sammy & Sweepea (1 year old now) are hillarious together... a complete TRIP!!!
Cookie on the other hand... doesn't like it one bit! It took her 2 - 3 months to get "somewhat" tolerate them but she still does things to get back at, I believe us. She loves to vomit and has been peeing on our clothes and couch recently... A LOT OF PEE on my $1200 LOVE SEAT

It's all worth it though...

Side Note: Keep in mind, that some cats do love buddies, but they are pretty independent as well. Some do get depressed and show you when you leave for a few days.. One of my mother's cats will vomit nonstop until she gets back home when she leaves... and they're still other people in the house. It just depends on your cat's personality and how "dependent" they really are... Some cats could care less than others. Keep in mind sexes too.

Also, I told my wife the only way we could get two more cats (before getting Sammy & Sweetpea) was that she help with the litter...guess who does it EVERYTIME (except for less than 5 times in the last year- what she agreed on during our argument the other It seems that male cats love to poop!! It must be Karma coming back at me for never helping my mother w/ scoopin' the poop when I had 12 growing up...
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I have 5 kitties, and most of them enjoy having a buddy. However, I know that Delilah would really be happiest as an only cat. She has absolutely no use for any of our other cats, and is even much more affectionate and playful when the other kitties are not around. I guess not everyone is cut out to enjoy a big family!
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i have an only kitty. she has decided to be best friends with one of the dogs though so i don't think she's i'm home all day.
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Seb was in a large home with lots of other cats and dogs for 5 yrs, then a smaller apartment with just one other cat for a few years, then 1 1/2 yrs as an only cat in a tiny apartment. He is a social guy and did not do well. He just slept and ate. He was so bored. I got Daphne and he is much happier overall. He lost a bit of weight, he plays, thinks up games and tricks to play on Daphne.

I do worry that they don't have enough human interaction. The only person they are ever around is me unless they need to go to the vet.
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