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And this is just a thought, I can't prove anything and I really don't know
why I think this, but for some reason I keep having suspicious thoughts
of my cat "Love" in the dissappearance of GiGi. They have always gotten
along, they would sleep together at times. Love is very sweet. but I have seen him chase his mama whom is my Mama cat, she acts scared to death of him when he does it! I can't put my finger on it, because then if I'm around
I have to talk to him, I'll say 'Love , be nice to Mama, and he'll stop and look back at me and I'll repeat myself. Sometimes he can't help himself, and he does it anyway!I don't know what has happened when I'm not around to make mama react to him like she does! Makes me wonder?
He may not be at all, but he looks to me like he has some Maine Coon in him! And I have heard something about their temperment? Heck I don't know, it's all here say!
But at times whenever I let him outside, he starts running with this crazy out of control look in his eyes. If mama is around he goes right for her and literally will run her down, if she isn't fast enough! Back to GiGi, here is what keeps popping up in my head only sometimes. Love stays outside most of the time and prefers it, we have a trail that my son made with his 4 wheeler that goes down in the woods to his tree house, past it, makes a circle around some trees. Love has been hanging out down there somewhere.
I have taken a blanket down there that G slept on last and a couple of my shirts, in case she lost her scent, oh and the litter box, in hopes she could smell any of it and come home! I don't know if he might be back there keeping her from coming home, like she may smell different to him now and he is being territorial? Does that sound crazy? I'm probably just paranoid!
I don't want to think it but my son and I were talking about it and he said,
Love knows GiGi was your favorite, that is only because she was my baby,
tiny whenever I found her, and so she and I bonded, she actually thought
I was her mom, and I was the closiest thing to her mom then, but GiGi followed Love around outside and chased him, if he came by her she would jump on his back, and jump off the other side and the chase was on!
Help, I'm grasping at straws here, what is ya'lls opinion?