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Seeing and feeling my girl one more time

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I had this dream last night of my best friend who after 17 great yrs together I had to put down in August. Worst decision I ever had to make so far in my life, but best decision for her.

Anyway this dream i had last night. Has me so upset today and mourning her all over again. She was in my dream last night, so much so that I felt her. I mean I actually felt her like she was lying next to me sleeping as she always did.

It was very precious to me, and I feel blessed that she is able to visit me in my dreams, it makes me feel like she misses me to. Perhaps people might think Im nuts but it's hard when you loose your best friend. She was my rock and my world, and I hate the fact that I have to come home to an empty house at night.

Please tell me has anyone else ever expierenced this? When your little one comes to visit you and stay with you?
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Nope, I don't think you're nuts at all. I've had such dreams, and when I have them I don't want to wake up because then I know my kitty will be gone again.
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I've yet to experience losing one of my babies but a friend of mine who lost her cat about 3 years ago said she could feel him lying across her legs through the night like he used to do
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Last fall, some very close friends of mine had to put down their lab mix, JoeDog, due to bone cancer. It was a sudden decision made because one of his rear leg bones snapped at the hip when he turned to chase a ball. We really didn't get to say goodbye to him, it was that fast - I gave him a kiss and scritches as they carried him out to the car to get him to the E-Vet.

About two months later - I don't really remember the timing, but I had an extremely vivid dream in which JoeDog came joyfully bounding up to me, and I led his former Master and Mistress to him in the dream, and said to them, "See? He wants us to know that he's happy and that he's doing ok." (This brings tears to my eyes as I remember it and type it...)

I woke up recalling the entire dream, and felt that he was at peace, and when I told my friends all about it, they were quite moved, and they firmly, and I mean FIRMLY believed that it was JoeDog himself that had come to me to tell them for him, and that he had passed the message on through my cats, telepathically.

JoeDog always had an affinity for cats: he loved them and he respected them. I was one of his favorite humans, because I was Auntie Betsy and I was the treat-bringer. I kept that boy supplied with dog bones, real and biscuits, especially the peanut butter ones - he SO loved those!

So it would make sense that he'd come to me to share the message that he was ok in the afterlife. None of us have had any dreams of him since.

I know it's painful to feel that grief, but I think that your dream was very special - I think she wanted to let you know that it's ok, and that she still loves you, VERY much.
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I don't think your nuts at all.
I truely believe that our human family that has passed can and do send us signs, so to me it only stands to reason that our fur family can do the very same thing.

Now you'll probably think my Husband, oldest Son, Sister and I are nuts!
Eight years ago our big white girl Maggie went to the bridge.
I'd had her from the time she was 5 weeks old, she died just 2 days shy of her 19th Birthday.
I can't remember how long after that I was in the upstairs hallway...Maggie loved to sleep up there.
Out of the corner of my eye I saw something, I looked and there was Maggie...okay I know it sounds crazy but as sure as I'm typing this now I saw her.
If I'd been the only one to see her I guess I would have put it down to the grief I felt of her death, but my Husband saw her to and my Son...who was 2 years old when Maggie died came downstairs one morning and told me that he saw Maggie upstairs.

My Sister is NOT a cat person, one day she was at our house.
She went up to use the bathroom and when she came down I could tell something was wrong so I asked her.
She looked at me and said "I saw Maggie in your hallway"...I just smiled and said "I know she's there"

We adopted two Sister cats just a couple of days after Maggie died and I had rescued another cat a couple of years we really weren't planning on taking in another one...BUT...a year ago last May we bought our dream house.
I wasn't in this house for even an hour...I looked out the window and there was a beautiful white cat.
This is going to sound out there too...but this feeling just came over me that Maggie had sent us to this house to buy it so we could find him.
So now he lives with us too.

Then this past May we had to have one of the Sister cats...Lizzie put to sleep.
I beat myself up her illness for months...that is until about 3 weeks ago.
I had a dream about her, and like your dream it was so real that when I woke up for a second I expected her to be on the bed with us.
But in the dream she was running around and playing...full of energy, just like she was before she got sick.
I took that as her way of letting my know I did the right thing and she's not in pain any more and she's happy and she'll be waiting and the bridge with Maggie when I get there.

Sorry I wrote a book, but I just wanted to let you know that you're not the only one who's had those dreams.
It was just your babies way of letting you know that she's okay and she loves you.
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Thank you all of you for your outpouring. I thought I was loosing it, but I am really happy to hear that I am not. And you are so right I really did not want to wake up this morning because I knew she was not really with me. I woke up in tears crying for her because of this last night.
She became very sick very fast. She went from a healthy 9.5 pounds in july to 4.0 (yes) in August. I knew when I was bringing her in that day I was not going to be bringing her home.
When I had to make the choice to let her cross over it was very hard. How do you say good bye to your best friend when you are the one who is torn apart inside?

I kissed her and hugged her and they put her down. all i kept telling her I loved her and that I am sorry this had to happen to her. Im getting all upset all over again typing this.

Anyhow, last night was very special for me, I miss her so much she was my world for 17yrs. I know that I can not replace her she was a one of a kind soul.
I do hope that when I am ready for the next kitty that i can be as blessed again to have another Marley in my life.
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I believe that it is true what some of the elders believe - that those who are yet to be born are on the other side of RB with those who have already lived and crossed back over. So if your new next kitty seems so much like your last sweet girl, and knows just what you like, you'll know that your departed dear one has taught the little one well
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I always say when they give you a sign like that be it in a dream or feeling them close to you, it's their way of letting you know their safe and their ok.

I always watch the medium John Edward, and at the end of one of his shows he said that the ones that have crossed don't grieve for us like we do for them, because they can still see us, and i believe the same thing goes for animals
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You're not crazy. It's wonderful she came to visit you. I'm sorry for your loss.
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I'm so sorry for the loss of your best friend. There seem to be a lot of mysteries in this life that we cannot explain. Perhaps your girl was letting you know that she is okay.
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I have experienced this. I had to have Jake put to sleep in September after a long drawn out battle with feline lupus. He came to me in my sleep. I think it was a couple days after he passed. It was so vivid and so real and I knew that he loved me and was there to comfort me. He was there to ease my pain and let me know he was alright.
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I have felt as you have...a little crazy, full of grief and mourning. I haven't had dreams about Lyndsey yet, but I truly believe that the souls of our loved ones go on and can let us know that they are okay. I don't know what to do without my best friend either. I am reading a book called "90 minutes in heaven" and it is very uplifting and has restored some of my faith that Lyndsey's death has taken away. My healing process is very slow. That is one reason why I love TCS. No one is in a hurry to make me grieve. Take your time and take care of yourself each day.
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Oh I am so so sorry for your loss

Like Susan, I have never had to experience losing a furbaby yet..I don't know that I'll be able to handle it when its Trouts time.

I'm sure Marley was telling you she is okay..I know alot of members have had similar dreams after losing a loved one.

I hope you are okay, I can only imagine how you must be feeling

Marley, may you rest in peace sweetheart
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Originally Posted by Marleyismymush View Post
How do you say good bye to your best friend when you are the one who is torn apart inside?

As it is with people, I dont think it is saying good-bye.
its just until we meet again.
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I wrote this story one day about Marley. I figured I would post it on here, for all of you who have been so kind as to take time and read my post about her.

It's funny how human beings whom you call friends come in and out of
your life all the time, but your true best friends are your animals.
I have two cats, Marley and Bonnie. I once submitted a story to
Petwarmers about Bonnie, so this one I would like to dedicate to my best
friend in life, Marley.
She came into my life at the perfect time. I was in high school and,
other than having goldfish, I was always told that I would never be able to
have an animal because they are too much work.
Well, much to my surprise, I came home from school one day and my mom
told me I had company. I looked around and didn't see anybody, but I saw
some dishes on the floor, and became quite confused as to what was going
She told me that she had a co-worker that needed to find a home for
her mother's cats, and they arranged for a meeting. My mother fell in love
with Marley right away.
I looked around and found this beautiful Maine Coon cat hiding behind
the couch. I called her name and she came right out, cuddled up right to
my leg and started purring. That was in 1994.
My father was ill with cancer and I was going through all the drama of
being a teenager and dealing with my own issues, when Marley came into my
life. She has been by my side ever since.
I am now 28 and living on my own, and Marley is about 13 years old.
We have definitely have had our ups and downs, and at one point, I almost
had to give her up. That was the most dramatic time in my life.
I thank God that it didn't happen. I seriously believe that it was my
father helping me from above and making sure that she didn't have to leave
me. She is my true best friend in life. I am very fortunate to have her
-- she is my child, sister, and friend all-in-one.
I love to come home to her everyday and she is always waiting to be
held or petted. She is the biggest mush you will ever meet. She loves to
be pampered. She follows me wherever I go, and she is always right there
when I need her.
She was my support system when I lost my father, always right there
when I got home from school or work, sat with me and purred all the times
that I cried.
I know a day will come when God will want to take her back and just
thinking about it makes me tear up. There could never be another Marley in
my life. She is truly my best friend in the whole world.
I wanted to share my story with all of you. I hope everyone is
fortunate enough to have a best friend like mine.
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Originally Posted by theimp98 View Post
As it is with people, I dont think it is saying good-bye.
its just until we meet again.
Big, big ditto. I also believe that we'll see our loved ones, human and animal, on the other side after we pass on.

I had an experience similar to yours. I had to put my baby girl to sleep after her kidneys began shutting down (she fought CRF for two years). While I know it was the right decision it haunted me and I continued to grieve. A month or so afterwards I had a dream where I was walking and came across a black cat playing alone in the grass. The closer I got to the cat I saw that it was Midnight. I sat down on the grass and she ran over and we played and I got to pet and hold her. After a while she stopped playing, looked at me, meowed and started to slowly walk away. I woke up from the dream and began crying again. I fell back asleep but after waking up again I began to feel a little peace. I believe to this day that her coming to me in my dream was her way of telling me that she is fine, that she is no longer suffering and is whole and healthy again. I do love her and miss her terribly but I know that I will be with her some day and that is a comforting thought.

Another thing I wanted to share is that the same night that I let her go I swear that I felt her jump onto the foot of the bed. She was a little girl with a big heart and the thumps on the bed felt exactly like her climbing up to lay down next to me.

Perhaps your little girl was telling you the same thing. That she's okay, too. Even though Marley is no longer with you physically, she'll always be with you in spirit and in your heart. May she rest in peace.
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This happened to me last night also. My Baby Boy Glitch came in a dream. I had been crying all day as he had only passed over the bridge on the 16th. I was crying and I asked if he could come see me in my dreams and he did. I woke up feeling much better! I didn't want the dream to end but am just happy I got to see him again! After 17 years I can't imagine the heartache you have.

Im sorry for your loss!

Glitchs Mommy
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