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Introducing a kitten to a cat

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Someone has probabally already posted this before but I have not been on in a while so here goes. We got a new kitten. We already had a cat for about a year and a half. What are some good things to do to help them get along and to like each other? I will have to post pictures soon. SHe is the cutest thing! Let me know any advice you have on introducing kittens to cats! Thanks!
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Sounds like you and I have the same situation! I just brought my orange boy home yesterday. Right now he stays in my son's room with his food, water, litter box and toys. He is already a love bug. My resident cat hisses at him from under the door, but she can't seem to help herself: She lays down right next to that door!

It sounds like a few of us either have or will have a new cat to introduce soon. I was thinking of starting an "Introduction Journal" thread, where we chronicle what we go through every couple of days. It may be helpful for others also, and those who have been through it can give us some pointers.
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Hello both of you, and congratulations on your additions to your fur family!
I introduced a kitten (Roxy) to my adult cat (Villy) 4 months ago. Villy still hisses at Roxy sometimes and tells her off, but overall they are getting on heaps better than when they were introduced. To introduce them slowly my husband built a special "screen door" so that the kitten could live in one room for a week or so, but she could still see and smell Villy, and vice versa. I think this REALLY helped. I introduced them quite slowly, and always supervised to start with. I always made sure that Villy knew she was still my number one, my feeding her first, giving her lots of fuss etc.
There's loads of people on here that can help, and loads of posts about this topic, if you do a search I'm sure you'll find loads!
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Kittens are the easiest introduction, since they don't seem to trigger nearly as much territoriality. Where people go wrong is paying too much attention to the kitten so the previous cat gets righteously miffed.

Also, I like to tell the older cat that we got them a kitten! Don't they remember asking for it? Really, it's for them!

As long as the kitten is a good match, temperament-wise, it should work out. Just be prepared for a lot of cat indignation at the numskull antics of the kitten. Just agree.
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We just got our male 4-5 month old kitten yesterday. Today I bought a new fur brush and I brushed my new kitten with it for a while and then let my old cat smell it. I then brushed her with it. I did this a few times today.

Tonight I propped the door open slightly to let them see each other for a bit. There was an intense staring contest and some hissing and then Shelly, my old cat, started growling! My new cat backed away after a few minutes. They seem to be genuinely interested in each other though!

I know it will take some time, but when do you actually let them be in the same room? Do I wait until they stop hissing and growling?

My new kitty is already very curious and comfortable and wants to get out of his safe room!
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The kitten we brought home is only 6 weeks old. She is female and our older cat is a male. He is fixed and she will be as soon as she is old enough.

Since I last posted, they are already getting along much better then when we brought her home. At first we weren't letting them in the same room and were just trying to keep them apart as much as we could because if when they got near each other they would have a fit! But the past few days we have just decided to put them in the same room and just see what they do. At first the kitten would just try to play so Wesley would growl,hiss and swat at her a few times. Then they went from that stage to starring at each other and growling just if Sox (the kitten) came up to Wesley. Today and last night they actually go up to each other and sniff each other. They even ate out of the same bowl this morning! They are improving so fast! So we found it was best to just let them be in the same room even if they growl and hiss. It's like they were comunicating and Wesley was telling Sox that he was the boss. It's really quite funny to see them interact and how they are so much better with each other! At night time we do keep them seperated for now. Mainly Wesley, likes to go outside at night so we let him out and we put Sox in the bathroom will her litter box, food, water and toys because she is so playful and it's hard to sleep with her in the room attacking our feet and stuff!

I like the idea of having this kitten journal. It will be fun to talk about our kittens! We can talk about ideas and things we've learned! When I get a chance I will post some pics of our cutie pie!

Her name is Sox because we are HUGE Red Sox fans!
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I am interested in this thread too..

I have a new 4 year old kitty that I am trying to introduce to the babies..yesterday she made Cumulous pee just running past him (she scared him)

I let her and Coconut sniff each other and she touched his nose and then started hissing and ran under the bed. Coconut was just like "what 's wrong with her?"

I did the share a blanket thing and the babies loved her blanket but now that I returned it to her, she won't touch it. She just stays under the bed unless I come in alone. She will come right out to me.

I am afraid my 9lb new girl will pounce the babies...but we are on day 5 and I do nto know how much longer to wait befoer letting them sahre a room for a bit- SUPERVISED of course...
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After a rough start in the morning, with my resident cat chasing and swiping at my new cat, they are actually tolerating being within 2 feet of each other!!!
I gave them a treat and they ate them together side by side! Miles has been out of my son's room all day, and I have not had to call pet 911, as they have mostly been watching each other and posturing. I guess it's progress!

For reasons only known to Shelly, she still decides that Miles sometimes looks at her the wrong way and she'll chase him to the corner, hiss, and bat at him. But Miles is holding his own and will not allow her to have the upper hand!
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I love the idea of an "Introduction Journal" thread. We our picking up our newest member, Hades, who is 12 weeks old this weekend. Our resident kitty, Ares, is 8 months old. We have the kitty's room ready but are nervous about the intro period it's great to hear about other people's experiences
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Congratulations on the new addition to your family.

In August we adopted a 12 week old male to introduce to our almost 4 year old female. My husband and I did a slow introduction, but there were still a lot of hissing on the part of the resident female even after a few weeks. The little kitten (Forrest) is such a ball of energy. He wasn't the least bit frighted of Lilly and just wanted to jump on her and play all the time. The first few weeks my husband and I wondered if we did the right thing by adding another cat to our household.

Now after two months they seem to get along together. Lilly definitely does not like to play as much as little Forrest, but at least there is peace in the house again Once he is out of his terrible teens I'm sure Lilly will like the little guy much more - but I think the introduction is still "in process".

Feliway diffusers really helped. PetSmart carries them, or you can find them on the internet for less. Best of luck to you with your babies.
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Look in the above sticky "Have a behavior problem - look here 1st" introducing new cat to old.
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Great news! I went downstairs and Wesley and Sox were laying side by side sleeping on the couch!! I was so happy! They are getting along so well all of a sudden!

Does anyone know if there is a way to change a title to a thread? It would be cool if we could change the title of our thread to something to do with it being a kitten journal/introduction journal or whatever you would want it to be.
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Originally Posted by Kalikat View Post
Look in the above sticky "Have a behavior problem - look here 1st" introducing new cat to old.
Thanks for this..I printed out Hissy's sticky..it is awesome
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Originally Posted by Wesley's Mom View Post

Does anyone know if there is a way to change a title to a thread? It would be cool if we could change the title of our thread to something to do with it being a kitten journal/introduction journal or whatever you would want it to be.
Click edit, then advanced edit, and you can do it yourself since you are the OP..
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Originally Posted by sunfairie View Post
Click edit, then advanced edit, and you can do it yourself since you are the OP..
It does not give me the edit option on my first post. Just my most recent. Can I edit the main title in the most recent? Or is it just too late to change it?
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Miles, my new cat, is getting much more comfortable in his new home. As a result, he is wandering around more and getting into things!

Shelly seems okay if he is just laying in the same spot or sleeping. She'll even come up to him and sniff him. But, if he becomes playful and dares to chase after a toy, she chases after HIM, growls, hisses and swats him. Miles refuses to be intimidated though. He stands his ground, hisses at her to warn her away, but then is calm and looks at her as if saying "What's your problem, lady?"

Both of them have had a couple of moments when one will come up to the other and writhe in front of the other in a goofy way. I'm taking that as a good sign, I think!

Oh, and they feel compelled to be near each other. I don't know if it's because they're starting to want to be together, or if they're keeping an eye on each other.

Sheesh! Cats and their complicated personalities!!! But that's why we love 'em!
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Originally Posted by Wesley's Mom View Post
It does not give me the edit option on my first post. Just my most recent. Can I edit the main title in the most recent? Or is it just too late to change it?
hhmmm..don't know..I thought you should be able to edit your OP...pm a mod if you cannot....
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Things are not going well here...
my boys are peeing down stairs in the room adjacent to where we are keeping Cynder. They are just babies too..not even fixed..
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Originally Posted by Wesley's Mom View Post
Great news! I went downstairs and Wesley and Sox were laying side by side sleeping on the couch!! I was so happy! They are getting along so well all of a sudden!
I'm jealous! It seemed like my cats were starting to get along a little bit better for a couple of days, but today, as my new cat is getting more playful and rambunctious, Shelly has chased him, growled and swatted at him more times than I care to recall. Maybe it's because Miles is getting so comfortable that he walks around like he's always been here, and that makes Shelly feel more territorial.

There was a time today when Shelly was on the coffee table and Miles under it, and they were batting at each other's paws, claws not out, and NOT hissing or growling. I'd like to think they were playing "Pat-a-cake"!

Here's hoping the rest of the day is better.
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When we brought 8 week old kitten Dory home to our 1-yr old girl Elliot, we brough Dory into the living room in her carrier, and let Elly come up and look, sniff, etc. Dory obviously wanted to come out and play! Elly's tail puffed up, but there was no hissing (I've never heard her hiss in the 10 months we've had her), and I think by leaving Dory in the carrier it was established that the apartment was still Elly's territory.

There was a lot of Dory trying to play and Elly was a little freaked out by all the energy at first. As soon as Elliot clocked Dory in the head once and took charge of the playing and set "boundaries," things settled down soooo much more quickly than we ever thought it would.

It took about 2-3 weeks for Elly to adjust, but now they play together and sleep together, and follow each other around. Dory is starting to learn how to groom Elliot. It's been a little over 2 months now, and things are great!

I think we took a big chance on doing the quick but cautious intro-- the decision was based mostly on Elly's very laidback temperament. Definitely wouldn't work for the majority of cats, IMO.
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Oy, I've got a new kitten camping out in my bedroom, and he's been here for about 4-5 days. Roscoe (resident kitty, ~1 year old) won't even go near the closed door to my bedroom, let alone even think about giving the new guy a sniff or two. He's the posterboy for 'scaredy cat.'
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I am bringing a kitten home on Saturday and am keeping her in a seperate room until Wednesday when I can bring her to the vet and have her tested for feline leukemia (my cat is vacinnated but I've read it's only like 85% effective). Plus that will give her some alone time for a few days.

I'm going to try the vanilla extract trick, I have a feliway diffuser to help ease tension, and I'm going to do the t-shirt thing also. I also like the idea of using the same brush.

I will update my situation in this thread once things start rolling.

My cat has only been here for a month herself so I don't know how territorial she is even going to be. She is about 1 and the kitten is 11/12 weeks old (we're not sure). She's not super skittish but she's certainly not brave, I am sort of expecting her to be afraid of the kitty.
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I am not sure what happened but our cats get along so well! It's like Wesley showed Sox he is boss and now accepts her! I am so happy! Sox sure is a hyper little thing though! She loves going crazy running around and palying with everything. But that's a kitten for you! It's a good thing she's cute! She is actually laying on my stomache sleeping as I lay here and type! What a cutie!
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I brought Chloe home today (she's about 11-12 weeks). I am keeping her in our 2nd bedroom / Office with a litterbox, food, water, toys, a bed, etc. She's doing fine so far, but my older cat (Matilda, a.k.a. Mattie, who is about 1) knows she is here. I was hoping they wouldn't see each other yet (just smell each other) but it's too late for that. Chloe bolted out of her room and Mattie saw her and was ok, but she is growling a little bit. She is also very curious, she's been pawing at the door to the bedroom that Chloe is in.

I have a t-shirt that I'm trying to get to smell like Chloe so I can eventually show that to Mattie. Chloe hasn't been tested for feline leukemia yet and Mattie isn't done with her shots so after they go to the vet on Wednesday I am going to really introduce them. Until then, they can just sniff each other under the door.

I have a feliway diffuser that I want to plug in, but I don't want my SO to see it because he'll make fun of me. He already thinks I buy the craziest amount of cat stuff.
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While RJ still needs some canned air to remind him to leave Puffy alone, he's also been spotted sharing the bed with Puffy, and they pass in the hallway with no problem. It seems when RJ gets wound up, the idea he gets fixed in his head is that he wants to draw Puffy into the fun, whether Puffy wants to or not.

As for Mr. Bond, we've had some breakthroughs. I wrote it up in this post here:


Every time Mr. Bond breaks down and does something nice with or for the kitten, my heart soars. At 10 & 11, they were a bit old to be adding a kitten, but Dear Husband had his heart set, and we didn't have the room in our apartment for long introduction periods, so I just tried to find the best kitten for our circumstances I could.

Well, he kind of found me. But so far, so good.
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It's fun reading the experiences you are all having with your new fur babies! Sox is just a little cute bundle of fur! Her and Wesley get along as if they have always been together! The only thing Wesley does not like is when Sox plays with his tail! But he isn't as big as a grump as when we first brought Sox home.

Sox is so silly! The past few times I have taken a shower, she comes in and walks around in the shower while I am in there! She gets all soaked and just continues to walk around as if nothing is happening! I have never heard of such a thing! She wants to be with me no matter what I am doing! What funny things does your new kitty do?
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Our new little boy came home Saturday We decided on a different name, Hypnos, and he is a little ball of love and energy. I am wiping both of them with a towel to transfer scent and the Feliway plugins are hard at work. On Sunday, they glimpsed each other through a cracked door while they ate. They briefly met on Monday. Ares licked Hypnos until Hypnos tried nursing on Ares, then the wrestling began. An accidental second meeting occurred later that day when Hypnos escaped the guest room, whipped into the bathroom and promptly used Ares's litterbox. Ares walked in and had a heart attack, so I scooped him up and shut him into our bedroom while I corraled Hypnos back into his room. Today, Ares sat by the bedroom door, meowed, and kept putting his paw under the door. (I know Hypnos was on the other side, but I never saw his paw meet Ares.) This evening, they met again, ate food together, and were OK for awhile. When Hypnos began running around after toys, Ares then took to rolling him and licking/biting him. After the play seemed a bit rough, we split them up again and Ares sat crying outside of the bedroom again. I think things are going well, but I do have one question. We are keeping the face to face sessions very short, but how can one tell if play is becoming too rough? Oh, and I need to add that I obviously forgot how small Ares was shen he came home. Hypnos is 2.5 lbs (just like Ares was) but Ares is 8.5 lbs and appears to be a horse next to him!!
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Happy to report we are now intermixing Cynder and the babies and all is going well..
The feliways have been running full force and she is on week 3 as of today with us.

She is feeling better too now after her reaction to the booster for Luekmia.

Cynder hisses at the boys and they are SOOO curious about her but they are all sharing living space now and even litter boxes. Pumpkin hisses back at her though and is not as curious about her as the boys...so I wonder if it is a girl thing?
She will walk around with them now and not run for the bed everytime they come near.
SO no bloodshed not even a swat! She just hisses (or Pumpkin) and watches their every move.

whew..what a relief..that was worrisome!
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I found out that the best way to help the cats get along is to let them mingle all the time together. They had their fighting war at first but now they get along. Every once in a while Sox goes up and pounces on Wesley and I get nervous but my husband just said to let them be 'cause they are playing and I watched them and they do just fine together. I thought Wesley would hurt Sox because she is so much smaller but when they are attacking eachother she does not seem to care at all. She keeps going up to him any way and asking for more. Mainly, they just leave each other alone but they like to play sometimes. I never thought it would be that way when we first brought Sox home. Because at first they did not like each other at all! Now, they lay together, play together, eat out of the same bowl and even use the same litter box! I thought Wesley would freak when SOx was in his litter box but he did not care at all! Now, at night time they both have been laying on our bed with us the whole night! How exciting!
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It sounds like things are improving for all of us who recently introduced new cats to our household!

Shelly and Miles are getting along much better. They touch noses a lot and are still compelled to be in the same room most of the time. They even play chase, even though it usually ends with Shelly being too rough on the new kid and hisses at him. Miles is SO wanting to snuggle up with Shelly, but she refuses to let him. Instead, he makes do with this:

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