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Question of the Day - November 2nd

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What food did you despise as a child but now really enjoy?

I didn't like pumpkin pie as a kid, but now I LOVE it!
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Home made soup. My mum would make it and serve it with thick slices of crusty bread and butter and i was the only one who would turn their nose up at it.

Now, i make it in the winter because i love it!
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Pasta & rice!
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Onions and anything onions were cooked in.
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I used to hate Sauerkraut, but now I love it. I also used to hate onions, green peppers, etc. but I love them now as well.
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I used to hate everything that wasn't chocolate or junk food as a kid. I'm not much better now

In particular onions, peppers, macaroni salad and seafood
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I hated beans and I still hate beans!

Oops you wanted food I love now but hated than....

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Originally Posted by snosrap5 View Post
I hated beans and I still hate beans!

Oops you wanted food I love now but hated than....

How bizarre...I still loathe okra, bt I've come to like baked beans and lima beans. "To-may-to, to-mah-to, po-tay-to, po-tah-to / Let's call the whole thing off"!
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Stuffed bell peppers
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Spaghetti! Wouldn't touch it as a kid, now I'm addicted

Bell Peppers
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my mom's homemade Tortier (meat pie) I used to hate the thought of it now I LOVE it!
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This is a true story........

When my sis & I were very young perhaps 3 or 4 around that age mom had her SIL babysit when she was working. She provided a bit extra for food for us but when mom would ask want we had for "lunch" we said yellow mustard on a slice of (most likely) white bread!!!!!
Didn't eat mustard for decades!!!!
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Mustard and onions! (Not together!)
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I have always liked most foods and most of what I didn't like then, I still dont like ...guess it would have to be mashed potatoes? I only like them now if they are loaded with flavoring and stuff.
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I have one in reverse... I used to eat oatmeal when I was a kid...now it makes me to even smell it!!
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It is not really a food but I hated butter as a child. I would only use margarine. Butter tasted so gross to me. Now I can't stand margarine. Butter is best for you anyway.
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I can't think of anything that I hated as a kid and will eat now. I STILL hate it

Liver, Saurkrat, oysters mainly

I didn't like peas as a kid, but will eat some now - only if mixed in with other veggies - can't say I really "like" them tho.
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Sprouts I always had to eat at least one, now I eat loads.
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Steak - mainly because it was hard for me to chew.
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hmmmm..... pretty much any sort of veggie
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mushrooms, onions, strawberries, and raspberries, peanutbutter & jelly. I hated them then, but I love 'em now!
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Liver and asparagus.
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I did hate mushrooms when i was a kid.
Nowadays I really like mushrooms. Especially in Chinese food.
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Sweet potatoes
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I didn't use to like onions and avocados
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I don't remember ever really "hating" any food, much less getting over it. I've always liked pretty much everything, and those things I wasn't particularly fond of (few) I still don't care for. I guess it helped that preferences were always taken seriously, and we were never forced to eat anything we didn't care for, so long as we had genuinely tried it.
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green peppers, my mom used to put them in everything, now I like them just not in everything
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This thread is making me very hungry
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hmm this is hard but I guess the only thing I can think of is stuffing I hated it and now I will eat it of course with turkey and mashed potatoes and lots and lots of gravy

But to be honest I liked a lot of foods when I was little compared to now, now I hate everything I am just too darn picky
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I think it would be sour kruat.
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