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chilli not peeing

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hello, was hoping to find some inspiration for my boy chilli.
sunday night we noticed he was not great. he was very quiet (an active cheeky 7 month old) soon discovered his hip was dislocated, 2 fractures in his leg and a broken tail (at the base!) the vet thought at 1st he had thrombosis (after he cut his claw it didn't bleed) exray confirmed above.

the poor little boy had to be cathederised(?) and now is being manually emptied. we have taken his own litter up, he got straight in but could'nt. prefers to lay in litter tray. really starting to worry.

heres hoping
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Ohh that's so sad.

For Chilli.
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I'm so sorry Chillis not feeling well. I hopes he starts feeling better real soon.
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thank you both for your wishes. xxx
still no change. i am so worried and caught in the "am i being cruel - should i fight with him for life" thing.
he has managed a tiny poo, the vet was thrilled, although more concerned about the bladder.

still hoping somebody out ther has a few ideas and alternative therapy is welcomed!!!

PLEASE! xxx megan
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:-( This sort of lesion fractures take time... Unless the vet tells you he is suffering and there is no hope, I think you have to be patient. Your vet is right even a little poop on his own is a big victory... to chilli....
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... and
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